Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another day another Barre


I had every intention of getting up this morning and hitting the treadmill but the 2:00 AM wake up call by the train coupled with being dog tired, I just didn't make it.  I gave myself a rest day and instead did my Chalean Recharge (similar to yoga) and will start fresh tomorrow.  I needed the stretching after those 2 Barre classes, they don't mess around in that class!  I've taken 3 Barre classes and each one has been different from the all the others.  I like the difference in classes because it helps me stay motivated to go and I need all the motivation I can get.  Maybe one day I'll feel cool enough to take a picture while I am there, or not.  

Jess came home for lunch today which I don't think will ever get old.  Being able to actually see him in the daylight during the week is such a difference from home.  We are getting spoiled here with all this time together, I am not in a huge rush to get home right now.  Yesterday we went to Preschool Story Time at the local library and the girls had a lot of fun.  It is a kids only class and the parents have to stay in the library, I was able to snap a few pictures of course!  Memories! 

I am not sure why Sarah is pressing her face into Katherine, but I thought that little girl's boots were cute!

Today our preschool materials arrived and I am so excited to set up our little temporary preschool room.  I ordered the program through Mother Goose Time online and so far I am really impressed with everything.  It came in this cute box which the girls are going to re-use to take their dolls and stuff animals for "bus" rides, you can take the girl out of Oregon.  

This also came in the mail today, I don't know whether to curse Meemaw (Grandma) or hug her...I'll let you know once I've eaten the entire thing.  She said the diamond reminded her of me...not sure where she was going with that!  

Tomorrow S&K start gymnastics which I am probably more excited about then them.  They are going to wear a leotard, how cute is that?!  I still have to buy them, yes Queen of Last Minute.  OK that picture of my box of chocolates isn't helping my self control.  

Do you take any group classes that you really enjoy?  

Do you let yourself sleep when you feel exhausted or do you power through?


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