Monday, January 28, 2013


Good morning and happy Monday! 

 It is the start of the week, do you have any plans to make it a good one?  I had planned a trip into the gym to use the treadmill but the inch of ice over everything this morning made me think twice.  I am a girl who goes with her gut and when it tells me to stay off the 2 inches of snow covered in an inch of ice, well I listen.  Not going to make it an excuse though, I will do my Chalean Burn it Off this morning instead to get in some cardio but first I really wanted to talk to all of you!  I've been missing my blog a lot lately and have so many fun ideas and things I want to do but real life has taken the front seat.  We are finally getting settled and into a routine so I feel like I can start prioritizing the extras now, you know the non-laundry, cooking, cleaning, packing, moving to Michigan for 3 months in the dead of winter...the fun stuff.  

One of the agreements I made with myself before we embarked on this little adventure is I will make this a great time for focusing on my fitness.  One thing that is great about being 1,000 miles from your closest friends is you have a lot of extra free time!  I am going to use it in a positive way and focus on some of the things that took a backseat over the holidays, like my Project Life.  My life in Oregon is awesome and I wouldn't change anything about it but lately it had started to get cloudy.  Like that?  Cloudy in Oregon?!  I am so clever.  Anyway, I was having a hard time focusing on the things that made me happy.  After losing Jenny I just couldn't get centered and lately I feel I am getting closer to my old self.  Jenny was a huge supporter of taking care of yourself and not feeling guilty about it, she was always encouraging me to do something for myself.  She was a supporter and nurturer and someone I will always try and model myself after, I can still hear her in my head telling me to get centered.  I can also hear her in my head scolding me when I get to obsessed with something and need to let it go.  So I am making Michigan (of all places) my place to get centered and focus back on what makes me happy.  

My list of Happy: 

Sarah and Katherine, those girls light up a room, I am excited to have them all to myself for a while

Jess, this is going to be a great time for us to focus on each other and get even closer

Running!  And eating burgers, because they go hand in hand with me.  There will be a lot of treadmill running but I am ready for the challenge, my goal is to be up to 10 miles on a treadmill by the time we get home.  

I have a lot of happy in my life and so far Michigan has been great!  Not nearly as pretty as Oregon and I don't think anyone has ever heard of a painting their house anything besides beige but its been great!  This girl isn't here which doesn't make me that happy, but I think we'll be finding a way to get her butt out here one way or another! 

What makes you happy?  

Do you ever get out of your routine and surroundings to figure stuff out?

Tell me what you have been up to!  Running, cross training, baking, what?!  


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