Thursday, January 24, 2013

I am baaack, again

Good morning!  

Remember when I use to write a blog?  Ya me too!  It has been a while to say the least and I have missed it terribly!  A lot has been happening since my last post and I had to cut some stuff out to make room for everything.  In short Jess was given an opportunity to work in Plymouth Michigan for 3 months and it was an opportunity we didn't want him to pass up.  90 days isn't that long but it is a long time to be away from your family and we just aren't a family who likes to be apart.  After Christmas I packed up all of our warmest clothes, some of our favorite things and we left our home in Sherwood on the 7th of January.  I would say I am homesick, I miss my best friend Katie terribly and finding a new routine hasn't been easy but being here with Jess makes it all worth it.  Plus we have our good friends and neighbors looking after our house for us and making sure we don't come home to a flooded mess!  

I couldn't decided whether I would try and catch you all up or just start from today so I decided to just start from this morning.  I will be doing a lot of my runs on a treadmill still because I just don't like to run in the dark and its Michigan...its freaking cold here.  Luckily Jesse's office here has a pretty awesome workout facility and I'll be going tomorrow morning to break everything in.  I have to be honest I think running on the treadmill has improved my pace a bit, I find when I run outdoors on pavement I am able to keep a bit of a faster pace so that is a perk!  I will do my long run outdoors more than likely since it'll end up being Saturday or Sunday and Jess will be home.  

Today we are going to venture out and find the Costco and Target, and probably a Starbucks.  I need to buy some weights so I can do my Chalean workouts again.  I am not sure the best way to do that since I have weights at home and will only need these till April, seriously 1st world problems.  

I'll leave you with some pictures of the last couple days since a blog post just isn't complete without pictures.  

So, did you miss me?!  

Do you have any ideas about the weights?  
-Would I be the worst person if I bought them then returned them in April?!


  1. You could always use the bands!! I used them for Turbofire and they really do build muscle!!!! I went back to CLX after 3 months and was able to lift heavier than when I first started. Or you can take the laptop to the gym and use their weights. I know a lot of people that do that :-). Welcome back! I moss reading your blog!

    1. That is a really good idea, I can easily bring my laptop with me! Thanks Amanda!


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