Thursday, November 8, 2012

Toothpaste and Ice Cream Cones!

Good morning!  

There are probably going to be all sorts of typos in this post because my hands are freeeezing!  Our furnace isn't working right, it turns on but nothing actually comes into the house, so much fun!  

I am really trying to slow down this week and not do much outside of regular mothering and household duties.  We did get our flu shots on Tuesday and celebrated with an ice cream cone and new toothpaste! 

Can you guess who chose which toothpaste?! 

Toothpaste and ice cream cones, can they stay 3 forever?  

I get to run again today!  Today will be a much longer run than Tuesday (I hope) and cold, brrrr.  It won't even hit 50 while I am out there so I'll be sporting my ear muffs for sure, sexy.  Have I mentioned I love to run?  Because I do, I thought I wanted to get faster but I really just want to run.  Its been a year since I started running and its one of the best choices I've made for myself.  Don't be afraid to fail is something I have been repeating to myself lately because the fear of failure held me back for a long time.  I think about back to when the girls where brand new and I was working out 3 times a week with Baby Boot Camp, they had us run or walk around this field.  It was probably less than a quarter mile all around and I remember the first time I got around it without stopping to walk.  I really felt like I had accomplished something and I guess looking back I really did.  That was over 3 years ago and back then I never thought I could do something like run a marathon.  Now I want to run no less than 3 next year, yep I just said I hope to run 3 marathons next year.  I have fallen in love with long distance running and I am ready to get back to my high mileage.  

What are your running hopes/dreams for 2013?  

Does anyone have any holiday runs coming up?  

Christmas or Thanksgiving, which is your favorite?
-I love them both, but Thanksgiving is so great because there are no gift expectations, just family and friends.


  1. I am in love with running too! What an awesome goal to run 3 marathons next year!! Wow!
    I would love to run a half every month, starting in March. That can get expensive, so don't know if it's possible, but that's my dream! My next and last race of the year is the Turkey Trot in a couple weeks.

    1. Its a big goal but I think if I start with a marathon early enough in the year and then just keep up my training I hope to be able to keep up with it! My Best Friend and I are hoping to become Marathon Maniacs next year also.


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