Friday, November 9, 2012

90 Day Chalean Results

Good Morning! 

I wasn't able to do the 10 miles I was hoping for yesterday while the girls were at preschool and at first I was really annoyed.  Sarah's teacher had a really bad fever and there was no way she could come in and teach so they had to cancel Sarah's class.  These things happen and I totally understood but this girl was really looking forward to a long run.  Instead I got a couple hours with my favorite red head and we had such a great time.  

We went to the mall to run an errand and then back to Sherwood for lunch at Fat Milo's.  If you live in Sherwood and have never been to Fat Milo's I would definitely check it out, really good local food.  Sarah had pancakes for lunch and I was shocked she ate almost the entire thing.

I had a spinach salad with walnuts and blue cheese, really good!  Don't you love my crappy cell phone pics? It was this or whited out to much flash pictures.  

I didn't get to run much this week for a variety of reasons but mostly because I didn't make it a priority in the morning which is always mistake #1.  Yesterday I did get to spend an awesome afternoon with Sarah and while at the time it wasn't what was planned it turned out to be so great.  I have a bunch of stuff I need to get started on this morning before we leave for the girls tumbling but I wanted to share with you a couple before and after pictures.  I am finished with the initial 90 days of Chalean and I loved it!  I did see results and will continue with the program again, I think I am going to start with the Burn Phase again and just work my way through another 90 days.  I'll start another 90 days the first week of December, until then I am just going to let myself enjoy running.  Running is what I really love and I don't see it as a have to do or exercise, for me it is just something I get to do and I love it.  

So as promised and a bit delayed I am going to share with you all my 90 Day results! 

These are the Chalean results, Top left and working down is the start, 30 days, 60 days and the large pic is my final 90 day.  I look so gross in this pic, you should considered yourself loved.  

I took the left picture last October when Katie had ran her first 10K.  I was just done with myself and done with feeling unhealthy and not getting anywhere with just diet alone.  Same bra, same pants, etc.  While I am no beachbody or supermodel I feel so much better about myself.  I know I am healthier both physically and mentally and that is the biggest gain for me.  I just wanted to show you that it takes time, it took a little over a year to get to where I am at and it wasn't easy.  You have to remember that has much as you value your families health, you need to also value your own health.  

OK I have to get going now!  So much on the list and time is running out!  Have a great Friday everyone! 

Do you take any progress pictures?  
-I would highly recommend doing it, it can seem weird but you honestly can't always see the results with a blind eye.  It is a major boost to look at pictures compared to where you are now.  It helps to keep you on track and if you are working hard you know you will see progress.

Anyone have a run or race planned for this weekend?  

What is your favorite form of exercise?  
Running, Walking, Crossfit, Swimming, etc? 



  1. You're looking great. I don't take before/after pics but I do like keeping skinny pics around for my motivation...ya know back in the day pics. I ran a sucky half today...totally disappointing but oh well. There are far more important things to dwell on. I am very blessed and running is just something I do for fitness and fun so I'm trying not to fret.

    1. Thank you! You should do some pics :) You won't regret it! I am sorry to hear about your half, but jealous you ran one. I am itching for race but saving my money and legs for next years big goals. I agree fitness is for fun! Or at least try to make it fun :)

  2. No progress pictures for me. That is probably a mistake... :P

    Are you following Another Mother Runner? You should send your "November 2012" in to the, What A Mother Runner Looks Like :) So many awesome women showing their perfect running spirits. I've been trying to talk my (insecure) self into it. They extended the deadline, so maybe that is my cue to just suck it up and do it! As a photographer I'm so much more comfortable behind the camera than in front. Maybe I'll head down to Stella Olsen for my pic. Maybe, just maybe, standing in a place I've run so many times will give me the confidence to click that shutter... :)

    On a different note, after running for a whole year now, I'm so happy to run my first "repeat" race. A year ago I finished the Give N' Gobble, this year, I'm gunnin' for a PR! :D

    1. I do follow Another Mother Runner, maybe I'll see about sending in my pictures for that contest, could be fun! I am so bummed I am missing the Give N'Gobble this year :( Excited to hear about your PR!!! You can do it, its such a fun run.

    2. Bummer about missing the Give N' Gobble. I might be looking forward to the run more than the meal later! Thanks for the well wishes. Not the best course to shoot for a PR on, but I'm coming off my 10K training plan and I'm going to get everything I can out of all that work!!
      Good luck with all your marathons next year! :)


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