Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week Set Up

Good morning! 

It has been a low mileage week with recovery and all of that.  Plus I had a lot to catch up on from being gone most of last weekend and everything that had accumulated over training.  I can say now that I am caught up! And I made really good friends with him again.  

Of course with the little sweetie pie in the background, even when she throws up on my carpet while I am out for a run...that was a fun little surprise!  She was very sorry though.  

I haven't done a weekly set-up for a while so I feel ready to take on next week with everything all laid out.  Last week was a low mileage week, only 7 miles, 2 runs.  It took me till Thursday to feel good enough to head out and it wasn't bad.  My knees were a little sore, but I expected that.  

Yesterday I did 5 miles in the morning and while the scenery was great and the weather was perfect running weather my body was not into it.  I think those 5 miles were harder than the marathon, but it got done.  Next week we are back to it!  Having a schedule and knowing what lies ahead makes it so much easier to get done in the morning.  

Week Set-Up 

Sunday - Lean 1 and Abs 
Monday - TM (treadmill) Run 
Tuesday - Lean 2/Run 
Wednesday - Intervals & Abs 
Thursday - Lean 3/Run 
Friday - Run 
Saturday - Long Run 

I scheduled 5 runs because I know one of them won't happen.  I figure if I put down 5 I am guaranteed to get in 4.  Plus I want to start running on my treadmill at least once a week so I designated a day for that.  Its time to get back into my cross-training since the 2 week break I took for taper and recovery.  I have 2 weeks left in the 90 day program and I am going to put my best foot forward for the best results.  Then it'll be the Lean for Life Phase which I'll incorporate into my schedule.  I would like to use my Jillian Michael's DVDs again which will be good for my days when I am short on time, her workouts are never very long but super intense!  So there you have it!  I'll be back to my 5 AM wake up call to get everything in, but its always worth it.  Just like with everyone else there is a lot in a day that needs to get done so I need to get as many waking hours as I can.  

My next race on the calendar is the Run Now Wine Later, its a 3 mile Girlfriends run that I'll run with Katie and it'll be a nice and easy run.  There is a breakfast afterwards and Sarah Bowen Shea will be giving a talk which I am really looking forward to.  I am half way through Run Like A Mother and I am hooked!  I want to read it every chance I get, I feel like she is writing about my life.


Have you read Run Like A Mother? 

Watching any football today?
- We have the Cowboys game on now! 

Do you have any big races coming up?
- Right now I don't have anything, I would like to do one more half before the end of the year though 


  1. I love the fall leaves pics!

    I gave that book to my friend who has a toddler! I am so excited for her to tell me about it. It seemed like a fun book when I was flipping through it :)

    1. So far I love it, I am a little more than half way through. Sarah is going to be at a run I am doing next weekend so I am pretty excited to meet her :)


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