Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Recovery Week


I had every intention of running this morning, just a short distance, maybe 3 miles.  My alarm went off at 6 (which is sleeping in) and I just couldn't get my brain to follow.  Mentally I need a run, I know physically its all about recovery, stretching and letting my body rest.  Sigh.  I think I will try for a dreadmill run later this evening just to work on shaking out my legs and the cobwebs from my mind.  I've been walking plenty, I mean c'mon, when do I sit down besides right now?!  

I figure since I have no fun running story to share with you today I would share my Marathon Expo experience!   I was late picking up Katie because traffic was purely against me.  It does not matter what time I leave my house, traffic going to my Jesse's office is a nightmare.  It took me an hour and a half to get there and I gave myself an hour...bummer.  I have been working very hard on my punctuality because I know its rude to be late when someone is waiting on you.  But man sometimes it really isn't my fault!    

After I left the girls with Jess I got Katie around 5:30 and we got to the Expo at the Downtown Portland Hilton around 6:45, we might have made a couple pit stops.  Once we got there we were so excited to pick up our bibs and see the shirts!

We didn't have to wait in any lines to pick up our bibs, our goody bags or to buy anything so that was a nice treat! 

There were a lot of great booths to check out, lots of samples and coupons.  I really liked seeing all of the race reps from other marathons from around the country.  My favorite was the Missoula Montana Marathon, they had a sample of their finisher medal and it was a horse shoe.  Might get my MIL to run a marathon if she knew she got that at the finish!  

Then I let Katie have my camera so she could take a picture of me...and well, I guess...ya.  She is pretty isn't she?!  The Expo was mellow, Katie bought a cute pink Portland Marathon T-Shirt and I bought a coffee mug.  I brought my Workout Tips from my Workout Tip Jar to use to buy anything that caught my eye, so that was a worthwhile reward!  I could see spending more time at the Expo if you were in the market for some cool running gear at a good price.  I know the Portland Running Company was having some great deals for the Expo participants and lots of the other vendors were also.  

Have you ever been to a really large race expo? 
- Portland's seemed small, but for a first timer like me it was perfect 

Share some recovery tips with me, this is all new to me!


  1. ahh, i just moved from Portland and this made me miss OR!! i hope u had and awesome race and i kno they do it up right over there. :)

    oh recovery, well, if u've already eaten enough carbs to feed a small nation that should cover fuel. ;) or at least that's the excuse i'd use! but i think make sure to stay hydrated to help flush all the lactic acid out, do some stretching and maybe spring for a nice massage. again, i'd use any excuse to do that one too!

    1. I would miss Oregon if I ever moved away too! The race was pretty awesome :) I think today will be my first run/walk. Taking it easy this week, reminding myself if I push out to fast then I'll could be sidelined even longer.


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