Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tooth Fairies


Is everyone recovering nicely from their Halloween parties over the weekend?  It was pretty low key over here!  Katherine has had a low fever since Friday night and it keeps going down and coming back, random.  Other than the fever she is still her perky self, I don't think anything that take that kid out.  

Friday was Sherwood Old Town's Trick or Treat event and the girls and I passed out balloons to all of the participating businesses beforehand.  I was a little worried they wouldn't want to share the balloons, but surprised at how well they did!  Then it was time to get home so we could get everyone's costumes ready for the main event!  The girls decided on Thursday that they wanted to be Tooth Fairies so I did my best to come up with some tooth fairy type ideas.  I made a wand with extra tooth brushes and ribbon and cut out some teeth to put on their buckets and make them official Tooth Fairy Name Tags.  

Jess went as Iron Man, the girls kept calling him Iron Man Daddy!  All of the little kids in Old Town kept fist bumping him and were so excited to see him walking down the street.  Yes I married a 13 year old kid trapped in a 30'somethings body, but I love that he will always be a kid at heart.  Plus c'mon, who doesn't have some sort of a crush on Iron Man?!

Thursday night was Girls Night Out at the Portland Running Running Company.  They had a small fashion show highlighting some of the new jackets and pants that have come out for the Fall and Winter.  After the show there was a 5 mile run in Beaverton which Katie and I ran 100% together and both of our running apps gave us 2 different running paces...awesome!  I am going with hers though because it was faster.   

We also ran into this guy while we were watching the fashion show.  Katie's husband Bryan works for FedEx and his route is in Beaverton.  He called Katie while we were watching the fashion show and he was right outside Portland Running Company.  It was a fun surprise!

After the run they had some raffle drawings, wine and snacks and a massage therapists giving Thai Massages.  I ran into my twin while Katie and I were shopping around.  Apparently I am really tall!  Or have a really large could go either way really.  

At first I noticed we had the same pull over on and then I looked down and we had the same shoes too!  It was pretty funny :)  She writes a blog Portland Pretzels, it's a pretty cool blog and she is a fun girl!

Katie and I were still hungry after having snacks at the GNO so we headed to Ruby Tuesdays where I put together the largest salad EVER from the salad bar.  I was pretty proud of my creation.  They also brought us out some "complimentary" uber-tiny biscuits.  Katie and I both cracked up when they brought them to the table, oh yes thank you for the tiny little "free" biscuits!  

I would love to go to another run by the Portland Running Company, they had lots of reflective gear for everyone to borrow and a place to keep track of the mileage you run with them.  Everyone was so nice and welcoming of course and the guy answering questions about shoes was super informative.  Reminded me why I have always like Portland Running Company so much!  

Sisterhood of the Scholls Striders meets every Thursday at 6pm at the PRC on Scholls and Nimbus in Beaverton.  If you are looking for an inviting group of women of all levels and ages then this is the group for you.  

Do you ever run with a group or do you run mostly solo?  

Any fun Halloween Parties or traditions this weekend? 

Did you race in any Halloween run this weekend?

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