Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mayo Vs. Miracle Whip

Good morning!  

On the books is Lean 2 and then tonight is Girl's Night Out at Portland Running Company!  It starts at 6:00 and there will be a 4-5 mile group run and then a Fall Fashion Show.  It is perfect timing because I am in need of a good water proof running pull over or something like that.  Our mornings have been really rainy and kinda cold so I would like a good weather proof jacket to keep a little dry during those morning runs.  Portland Running Company has quite a few running groups they hold throughout the week and if you click on the link above you can see all of them.  

Last night was one of our famous 3 dinner nights, well not famous more like annoying.  We got home around 5 from a soccer game in the rain (Go Bowmen!) and both the girls were really hungry so dinner had to be quick for them.  

Chicken nuggets was the chant from both girls so chicken nuggets they got.  I can hear you all gasping, save it for real crimes against humanity.  Chicken nuggets once a week to two girls who don't stop moving once one eye is open won't cause any damage...seriously.  Plus they didn't touch the tator tots, so not my kids!

Earlier in the day I had thrown in some chicken breasts and tomatoes and seasoning for Jesse's dinner.  If he has to many vegetarian meals in a row he feels less manly and worries he'll lose his Montana resident card.

I had leftover veggie chili, roasted veggies and some left over corn bread.  Nothing took more than 10 minutes to actually prep so that was a win!  But seriously 3 dinners?  What have I learned in my short 28 years?  Don't ever say you are "never" going to do soon as it comes out of your mouth you've pretty much just signed up for it.  I never thought I would be the mom making 3 dinners and I am, foot in mouth.  Well actually roasted veggies, so yummy!  

This week and hopefully long term has been a conscious effort for me to keep unhealthy eating at bay.  I am no where near perfect but if I jump in with two feet I'll drown, I have to go slow.  If it isn't going to be a long term effort than it won't ever make any difference.  Big thing on the list, drink even more water maybe it'll help clear up my skin a little bit.  Love adult acne, Love. It. 

I keep Chia Seed pudding in my fridge most of the time, at least 3 of these little guys.  It is so easy to make, like the girls can practically do it now.  I use 1 tablespoon of chia seeds and fill the bowl with around a 1/4 cup of coconut milk.  You can use less and it'll just be even thicker, play around till you get a consistency you like.  Pop in the fridge and it'll be thickened up within a couple hours.  I make 3-4 at a time and you can use any kind of milk you prefer.  If you like tapioca you'll love chia seed pudding.

Hard boiled eggs are the easiest and best snack for me to keep in my fridge.  I boil 5-6 at a time and have at least 1-2 a day for a snack.  They are quick and I can peal and go if we running out the door.  It is a great source of protein for me and helps keep my crazygottohavefoodnow feelings at bay.  

This is all stuff I did before but I am just cutting out the night time binge eating and after lunch scavenge for something sweet.  Luckily honey crisp apples are in season right now because I am obsessed   Those are great for after meals when I am just craving something sweet, they are full of fiber and have the sweet I am on the hunt for.  Plus Costco sells them in packs of 14 (love Costco) so I am always stocked up on them.  That and mayonnaise, shop at Costco and you'll never run out of mayo.  Fact.  Not Miracle Whip, gross.  That stuff needs to be put to a stop, its just not right.  

Do you have a preference between Mayo and Miracle Whip?  
-My in-laws only use miracle whip, ruins everything!

What healthy eating/snack tips do you use on a daily basis? 
-Probably don't eat it.  

Do you continue running during the fall/winter or do you take a break?


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