Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Hill Climb 5k

Good morning!  

Yesterday was full of running!  It didn't start off with a run for me but it was the Halloween Hill Climb and I was excited for my first volunteer experience.  The race was put on by the Hungry Raccoon and took place at one of the local elementary schools in Sherwood.  It started at 10:30 and I was in charge of stopping traffic at one of the intersections, luckily they sent reinforcements to help, it was a big intersection! 

There were a lot of local sponsors helping with the event and a bunch of the Sherwood Cross Country Team kids volunteering as well. 

The overall winner of the 5k finished in like 18 minutes and some change, I still cannot fathom how people can run that fast.  They had a special category called King/Queen of the Zombie Summit which was a race to the top of the Sunset Hill.  They had zombies on that part of the course which made it pretty fun!    

It was a lot of fun volunteering for a race and I'll definitely do it again.  Probably 85% of the runners passing by thanked us for volunteering which was really nice.  I know I always try and thank the volunteers at aid stations and along the road as much as I can even though I am sure that I miss people.  I hope they continue on with this race I think its a great Halloween community event that everyone can enjoy.  

After the race once I got home I was itching to get out for a run myself.  I headed out later in the afternoon and did a hilly 7 miles.  Its time I start conquering the hills in Sherwood instead of avoiding them.  I actually was able to shave about 20 seconds off of my regular training pace which of course was the boost I was looking for.  I did just over 7 miles in the pouring down rain and realized I am going to need some rain gear this season.  Other than the downpour I felt pretty good and was even more motivated when a guy ran by with a simple pair of shorts and t shirt and no shoes...yep I am good I can keep going too!  

Week Set-Up 
Monday - Lean 1 & Run 
Tuesday - Tempo Tuesday! Original eh? +abs  
Wednesday - Lean 2 
Thursday - Track Work Out, Lean 3
Friday - Rest Day 
Saturday - Long'ish Run (8+ miles) 
Sunday - Run Now Wine Later 5k 

My weeks always look so clean and organized when I lay them out on Sunday...then Monday rolls with in reality.  Thought I would share what my week actually looked like last week:

Actual Week 
Monday - Lean 1 
Tuesday - TM Run 2.8 Miles 
Wednesday - Nothing 
Thursday - Lean 2 and 7 Miles 
Friday - Nothing, Sick Sarah Bear 
Saturday - 7.18 Miles 
Sunday - I WILL DO Lean some point.  If I am REALLY lucky a run... 

So as you see life gets in the way, kids get sick, husbands are out of town and work way to late for any sort of normalcy.  You have to get in what you can and be grateful to find the time at all.  Make it a priority and it'll happen.  I need to start working on my "treats" and "snacks".  Those are becoming my downfall, I am getting "hungry" at night and not making good choices.  Then morning comes I promise to myself I won't do it again and come night time I am in the kitchen looking for one to be mad at but myself.  Hopefully I can make better food choices next week.  

What does your workout week tend to look like?  

Do you schedule your workouts or just do whatever whenever?  

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