Thursday, September 27, 2012

Trader Joe's Run

Good morning!  Well I guess the morning is almost over,but not quite!  Today is a preschool day so the girls are always so excited in the morning to get there.  I am going to try and sneak in a run while they are at Preschool, nothing crazy just a few miles.  Another item on the agenda today is picking up my race packet for the Color Run this Saturday!  I registered so long ago for this race and the date has changed and so has the location since registering, luckily it fell on a perfect Saturday so I can still do it.  

Yesterday was a Trade Joe's run, my favorite type of errand.  I was surprised how busy it was considering it was the middle of a work day, but lots of people were there in their work clothes.  Now that is good use of a lunch hour!  I'll have to remember that the next time we go, avoid the 11-1 hours so those poor people can avoid my children with their mini carts filled with goodies.  

I always go for different stuff when we go because TJ rarely disappoints.  

Katherine grabbed the Blue Corn Tortilla Chips and the Chia seeds and said those were her two favorite things.  I watched a video over at Sarah Fit's blog and she talked about Chia Seed pudding, sounding interesting!  So I bought the stuff to try it out, Chia Seeds have been on my list of things to try lately.  Some friends of ours had some blue tortilla chips at their house the other day that were insane good so I snagged these, plus as you can see some other new things to try.  Both girls carts were pretty full by the time we got to the check out.  On our way out I could hear two different TJ peeps on the phone talking to people about the nut butter recall, I can only imagine how many calls they get! 
Did you have any nut butter from Trader Joe's that was recalled? 

If you have a Trader Joe's what is your favorite item to buy? 

Have you ever tried Chia Seeds?  
- This is my first shot at them, going to make the pudding later today

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