Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Running in the Dark

Good morning!  Just finished CLX Extreme Abs while waiting for the sun to come up!  Its now to late to head out for a run so I'll be busting out a few miles on my treadmill later today.  Lately I've had some anxiety about running in the dark, so has Jess.  So I thought I would wait till close to sunrise annnnnd then 7 AM rolled around so I nixed my outdoor running plan and put on my AB workout.  Luckily I have my treadmill and can get in a few miles later today.  I can kill two birds with one stone and watch some of The Spirit of the Marathon on Netflix.  I watched it many months ago but I want to watch it again since the marathon is less than 2 weeks away, its like runner's Rocky.  If you haven't seen it I really recommend watching it even if you aren't doing a marathon its so inspirational and moving plus its free on Netflix Instant, score!  

I was able to have my favorite breakfast this morning and I made myself a sad version of a pumpkin spice latte, not the same but also not 5$ so I think I still win in the end. 

I really should look into food photography, I think I have a gift, no?  

Since I wasn't able to do my outside run this morning because of my own fear of the dark it really got me thinking about other runners out there.  Fall is here and winter is never far behind especially in the Northwest and that means dark mornings, do they bother you at all?  I ran Monday in the dark and I was more nervous about tripping over something I couldn't see more so than being attacked.  Maybe because of where I live I have a false sense of security or maybe it was because I passed so many other runners but I never got scared.  I also run with pepper spray, am lit up like a Christmas Tree and always have my cell phone, not like any of those things would thwart a would be attacker honestly.  I have thought about a headlamp because I must add to my cool factor for the purpose of being able to see whats ahead and on the ground, but I wonder if that would do anything to fend off someone trying to hurt me?  I hate the idea of living my life in fear but I also have 2 little girls to think about and anything that happens to me will affect them.  Its not just me out there in the dark running I have a family at home I need to think about.  It seems like a personal preference but it got me thinking and my instincts this morning told me to stay home so I listened.  

I would really love some other opinions on this, what do you feel about running in the dark hours?  

Do you carry pepper spray or any other type of personal protection?  

- I can hear Katie cackling at me right now...


  1. This is why I like running with Mav! It's a little extra security. I'm sure a potential attacker would think twice about making me a target with a dog tied around my waist! LOL! Maybe you should tie Lucy around your waist?
    Reflectors and lights are always good. I've ran in the dark before and tripped on a branch on the sidewalk! Thru town is fine because it is well lit, but gotta be extra cautious thru the darker side streets. We have a head lamp and I've thought about using it since the winter months are approaching (I don't know why you insist I make fun of you when it's you making fun of yourself mostly!!) I might try it when it becomes a bit darker out.
    But at least you have a treadmill now! No excuses! YAY! lol

    1. I could wear Lucy in a front pack? Yes? LOL! You know you laughed a little when I mentioned the head lamp :) But really running with a dog is really the best safety measure, glad you have Mav!

    2. OK no joke Katie, on my way home last night I saw 3 people out running in my neighborhood with headlamps. It was a sign from above!

  2. Get yourself some Knuckle Lights... No kidding .... those babies light up the dark like no ones business... The have LED's ... They come in packs of two... but seriously... you only need one... share one with a friend or keep on always with fresh batteries. We use them in the summer for 4am runs on a very dark trail and during the winter when it gets dark early or early in the morning. Trust me... These are the BOMB!!


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