Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Running Goals

Good morning!  This morning I did Lean 3 and can officially wrap the first week of the Lean Phase in a nice little bow. I am really sore this time around which I didn't expect but I am glad because it means its really doing something!  Anyone out there looking for a great challenge workout you can do at home?  I seriously recommend Chalean, I was able to find time to do it with my peak of marathon training and 2 kids.  If you want to do it you can find time to do it and you won't regret it.  I am really excited to see my 90 day results and be able to say I completed a challenge, for once!  
In non-over the top excitement for Chalean news, the girls and I made a produce trip to our favorite farm yesterday.  

I was pretty excited to see that Honeycrisp apples are making their way back into my life. 

Plus this sight just made me all warm and fuzzy inside, PUMPKINS!  I mean seriously, who doesn't LOVE Fall, c'mon it is the best season.  Hands. Down.  

So since its taper time and I have to trust in it and the science behind it I am not running today which is so strange.  I never thought I would build a love for running, never ever.  I had all of the old excuses you hear and even some off the wall ones but I stuck with it and now I am running a marathon in a couple weeks.  I already have my eye on some half marathons, I would like to run 2 before the years end and I would like to PR in one of them.  I think always having a goal to work towards keeps you at your running or really anything you are doing in life.  You need to have goals, no matter how small or minor you think they are, you know they are important. 

What are some goals in your running?  

Goals in other areas of your life? 
- I am working on getting myself out there and getting a freelance writing opportunity, we'll see!  

What is your favorite season?!  

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