Friday, September 14, 2012

Random Friday

I feel like I was just here, Friday that is.  We had tumbling and groceries and shot bloks to pick up today.  Plus all sorts of other randomness.  I wake up Fridays thinking we have one thing to do and turns out 3 more things pop up and we end up gone all day and before I know it its already time for baths and bed, whew!  Did I mention tomorrow is my last 20 mile run?  Ya I think I did!  I am a little nervous, I didn't run nearly as much as I wanted to this week which will either work in my favor tomorrow or be really really really bad.  I did get some stuff done this week I've been wanting to do, like bust out some of my fall decorations!

I just did everything that wasn't Halloween themed, I'll save those for October 1st.  I love this time of the year all the way through January.  Its fun to bring out the different "happy crap" for each holiday/season.  

More randomness, we had pancakes for dinner last night...and for breakfast this morning.  Yes, I am that lazy cool as a mom.

If you can't tell from my lack of enthusiasm this week and the number of times my children have been served pancakes I am tired.  Maybe I'll get a nap this weekend?  Bahahaha, ya I thought it sounded funny too.  

I would love to hear what runs/races you have planned for this weekend or coming up!  

Share something random with me.  Anything at all! 

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