Monday, September 17, 2012

20 Miles +1

Good morning!  This weekend was my final 20 mile training run and I have to say it was worlds better than my first.  I am huge supporter of doing a minimum of two of each distance before pushing to the next milestone.  I didn't start feeling like death till mile 19, that is an improvement from feeling like that at mile 16.5!  Part of our route was up Mt. Tabor and we took a picture in front of "The Dude".  Its amazing how much hills don't bother me as much as they use to, jeez I guess training has some perks!  

Once we got the 20 miles under our belt it was time for us to head home.  Later that day there was a benefit concert and fun run in Sherwood that I was really excited to get the girls to do.  Since it was only 1 mile I figured it would be a great little starter to see if its something they would be interested in.  When the bell went off Sarah was off and running!  She was so excited to be out running and ran the entire distance!  She would high five the Sherwood Cheerleaders as she passed and stayed ahead of me the majority of the time.  Sometimes she would fall back and hold my hand but most of the time she wanted to be on her own.  I was so proud of her for sticking with it and not complaining once during the entire run.  I think we have another runner in the family!  Katherine wasn't as excited about the running part, Jess carried her on his shoulder for about 3/4 of the mile, but she had fun too, just in a different way.  

What was so great about this particular event was that 100% of the proceeds went to a local Sherwood family who really need it at this time.  I have always loved living in Sherwood, we've been here for almost 7 years and I have met some pretty great people.  Its a special type of community to say the least and seeing everyone come together on Saturday afternoon to support this family was pretty moving.  Proud of my family and proud of my community, Go Bowmen!  

On Sunday OMSI was having a Mini Maker's Fair and Jess was dying to go and see what it is was all about.  I wasn't so sure sometimes that stuff can be pretty far out there but this turned out to be pretty interesting.  The first thing that caught my eye was these gorgeous sculptures this guy made out of old musical instruments.  I mean they were so intricate and detailed I couldn't take my eyes off of them.  

There were a lot of little stations and booths for the kids to get hands on with projects and lots of different exhibits with robots and legos, etc.  

It was a full weekend and I am tired today but I have a lot to get done so no rest for the wicked over here!  Its the start of the new phase of Chalean and I still have other things like laundry, child rearing and bill paying so I guess I should get to it.  Being up all night with Katherine last night isn't helping my motivation, but maybe one more cup of coffee will do the trick.  Have a great Monday!

What is something fun you did this weekend? 

If you have kids, do they ever do any of the fun runs at the races you sign up for?  
-I'll definitely get Sarah signed up for some more she loved it!  Katherine might learn to love it...

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  1. okay, that is adorable!! talk about the cutest extra mile at the end of ur run. :) that looks like such a fun event and it makes me miss living up in Portland because i've got lots of Bowerman pride too! :)

    i don't have any kids, but my mom and dad were runners growing up and my bro and i would have fun in the little kiddie runs. but i thought that 1/2 was EPIC!! :P


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