Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 60!

Hi!  Thursdays are CLX Intervals & Abs which is probably the most intense workout of the whole series.  Its gotten easier as I build up some stamina but still so difficult sometimes!  I really was not into it this morning, a lot on my mind and I couldn't really focus on what I was doing.  Regardless I got it done before the girls were up and running which is always a great start to the day.  Also today is Day 60 of the challenge group Katie and I joined and its true what they say...

I am glad I took the plunge and decided to commit to the program.  I am going to do my pictures and measurements tomorrow and post them just as fair warning for all of you.  Starting next Monday will be the new phase of Chalean and I am ready for the next challenge.  Also after Saturday I start to taper and it sounds like from everything I've read that my next long runs need to be 14 & 8 or something like that.  Feeling good about the marathon or at least I keep telling myself that!  I also decided I should start carb loading today, no better time than the present!

I had a couple errands to run this afternoon and ended up in my old neck of the woods where the best sandwich shop ever is located.  I always get the Avocado & Cheese, yum so so so good.  It was a fun random treat for a Thursday!  

What is your favorite sandwich and sandwich shop?  
-Togos for me hands down 

 What is your favorite motivational saying? 

Do you have a mantra that gets you through tough times?


  1. Oh my gosh, I love that quote! And I have to say I'm super impressed that you've stuck with the Chalean program while marathon training!

    1. Thanks! :) Its been really great cross training for the marathon and I feel a lot stronger during my training runs. I am going to keep with the program after the 90 days and do the lean for life plan. It was $ well spent!


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