Monday, September 10, 2012

Marathon Weekend

Hi!  Well it wasn't really Marathon Weekend, but in miles it was.  Saturday was my first 20 mile run and the first part was great, then it started to get warm, then hot, then miserable.  I am not use to running that late in the day when it starts to inch above 70 degrees, I can hear all you hot weather runners laughing at me.  We started at 8 AM and it took just over 4 hours to get to the 20 mile marker, it was rough those last few miles and I was hurting.  I feel good about getting it done and having an idea of what that is going to feel like in the marathon, I don't feel excited about having to do it again this weekend.  I am getting pretty excited and anxious for the race, its hard to believe how close it is to getting here.  We have one more long training run and then we start to taper next weekend!  

Part of our route was over the St. John's bridge and that part of it was really cool.  
Katie took this one, it was when I still liked to run, about mile 7 

Katie is in the orange (Go Beavers!) it was a beautiful part of the day when we headed over the bridge 

Yesterday (Sunday) it was time to run Katie's birthday run!  She decided quite a while ago that she wanted to run the Pints to Pasta 10K for her birthday, which is TODAY!  Happy Birthday Katie!  We ran it yesterday and it was a really great race.  Its organized by Portland Running Company owner's Paula and Dave and their running group Run with Paula!  I really like how smooth everything goes with their races and I would highly recommend their store and events for anyone who has a love of running.  They put a lot of thought and energy into all of the details.  It was a great way to spend a morning and a great race for Katie's birthday.  

So I technically ran a marathon this weekend!  If you don't count the hours of sleep in between...which I guess most do, dang it!  It was also pretty cool to be part of Jenni's very first 10K!  She was so nervous at the start line but she really surprised herself and did very well.  It is a lot of fun having her come to so many races and really put herself out there.  She has been working hard to build up her miles and her stamina and completing your first 10K isn't easy!  I remember my first 10K I never thought I would run one again...and here I am.  

I have so much more from the weekend and my last couple of long training runs that I want to share with you but there is a lot to get done today!  I hope you all had a great weekend too!  

Did you do any races this weekend? 

Any long training runs?!  
-Someone share that they are also crazy and do to much in a weekend than should be allowed!  

Wish Katie a Happy 29th!  I can tell its going to be a good year for her!


  1. I'm in your blog!!! lol I love your blogs..thanks for the shout out lil lady!! And yes...the more out there i'm putting myself the harder i wanna try to get better times and run longer! I know it sounds like a beginner (which i am) but at the 10k i ran a mile and a half straight without stopping...something 6 months ago i couldn't even get close to doing so i was stoked! lol!! Anyone who's thinking about running or just beginning...keep going!! At least you're out there trying so don't get down on yourself for the small stuff!!

    1. You did awesome Jenni! So proud of you for stepping outside of your comfort zone! It's not an easy thing!!

    2. Jenni you did awesome and you got out there! Most people don't face their fears at all and you are hitting them head on with no hesitation. You should be very proud of every accomplishment!

    3. Thank you ladies!!! You two are pushing me more than you think and i can't thank you enough! Going to take this winter to get back into my calorie counting and drop another 20 lbs hopefully! that'll help me next spring/summer for races!! lol


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