Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day!  I ran a little bit this morning on my treadmill and did Push 2 and I am hoping to get in a few more miles tonight.  Yesterday was an impromptu rest day, I meant to get up and run but stayed up to late the night before.  I have to quit doing that!  If I don't get to bed on time its almost impossible to get out of bed to run, especially since its dark till so late in the morning again.  Not going to complain about it though because I love this time of year, especially living in Oregon.  The leaves are starting to change, its pretty chilly in the morning and school has started up.  Speaking of school, the girls started preschool on Tuesday!  AH!  I did so good the whole morning and through dropping them off at their class UNTIL it was time to walk out of the building, then came the tears.  

They had a really great first day and were completely exhausted when they got home.  They have another morning of preschool tomorrow, maybe I'll actually get something done this time!  

So on a random note I just wanted to share something I made for dinner the other night.  I bought this veggie pasta from Safeway on a whim and I have ended up really liking it.  I had a box just hanging out in my pantry and some other random stuff that needed to be used in my fridge so I made an easy pasta salad.  I added some navy beans for protein, sun dried tomatoes and cherry tomatoes for color, spinach for something green and parmigiana and basil for taste.  Think I'll serve some up after this post!

More randomness!  We went to Costco on Friday, which feels like a year ago by now.  I love to buy a lot of my staples from there, like the gallon of Sabra Hummus!  For less than $6 you get this giant tub of hummus, look how big it is compared to the Safeway brand for $2.99!  I have also been saying how much I wish Costco would sell Adams PB in the creamy not just crunchy and my wish came true!  I literally jumped for joy when I turned the corner and saw that big ol'boy of peanut butter!  Between PBJ sandwiches for the girls, apples and PB for snacks and my smoothies we go through that little guy of Adams in no time.  Plus buying in bulk for a lot of things its just cheaper.  They girls were also super excited about the Costco trip because it was a frozen treat sample heaven that day.  They had vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce AND GoGurts, it was a big day for all the Sticka girls.  

So I have one more 20 mile run this weekend, it'll be my final 20 miles until the marathon.  Which means after Saturday I am officially is that possible already?!  Mentally I am ready, I feel prepared and I have trust in my training.  It is hard to believe I struggled through a 5k back in February and now its less than a month till my first marathon.  Would I recommend a marathon in your first year of running?  No.  But I jump into a lot of things feet first before I stop and think about them, which is something I am working on.  I don't think it was a bad idea to set this goal, but a challenge.  I can go into a lot of details but I think I'll save all of that for a separate post.  This one is already getting pretty long and the natives are getting restless.  

What is your next big race?  

How are you feeling about it?  

How many races a year/month/etc do you do on average?  

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  1. Awe preschool!!?? how great for them and a nice break for mama too! lol. You've come so far in the last 7 months! crazy! well earned!


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