Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August Wrap-Up

This morning I did 5 miles and CLX Push 2, yesterday I ran 3.5 miles and did CLX Push 1...catching onto the theme here?  I was thinking this morning after my stretching that this is the last month of marathon training, holy cow!  I have been visualizing the race, well as much as I can without actually having ever run a marathon.  Trying to remind myself that I have done the training (almost) and I can get through it.  I keep telling myself its just a few hours of running (probably more like 5) and after that I'll have bragging rights for the rest of the year, right?  It doesn't seem as ominous when I look at it as just one really long group run.  I know its going to be a battle both physically and mentally, but I am determined to go into it with the best mental attitude I can.  Plus afterwards I get to rest, for like a really long time!  Granted I will still be doing my Chalean program but I won't have any long training runs for a while.  I heard you are suppose to take a rest day for every mile of the marathon.  Personally, I don't see myself taking 26 days off of running, but a full 7...maybe?  I am looking forward to having a little more wiggle room with my running and signing up for a couple fun holiday runs with Katie.  The marathon is going to be here before I know it and I am starting to feel ready to take on the challenge, finally!    


So I realize its already the 5th of September but I never got a chance to do my August wrap-up so what better time than now!  August was busy, actually lets face it summer has been really busy.  Some of the highlights of August were the girls first camping trip! 

I posted my 30 day results with Chalean!  My 60 day is coming up quick...half way through my 3rd week already!  I will post my 60 day results as well, but of course I feel like no change has happened. 

And I finally bit the bullet and brought one of these coat racks bad boys home

I have high hopes for September!  Its sort of like the beginning of the year in a way with school back in session and the changing of the seasons.  This Saturday is my first 20 miler and part of the run will be on the Portland Marathon route which will be a nice prep.  So ready to get another mileage milestone under my belt and glad I'll get to do it with Katie.  Although she said afterwards if she is really hurting she is coming after me...I always get blamed!  

How was your summer?  
-I know Fall doesn't officially start till the 22nd, but c'mon!  

Tell me something really fun you did this summer!


  1. Something fun this summer...we went to visit my in laws in Utah and more family in Washington State :)

    Wow, 20 miler! You can do it! I'm hoping to do decent on my half on Turkey Day. If I can do it without dying, I may sign up for a marathon. Yikes, can't believe I just said that!

    1. Yay to running a half on Thanksgiving! That is going to be a great way to kick off the holiday. I ran a 5K last year and it was awesome! I remember being soooo sore, lol. Oh how the times change. You should put the marathon on your list for sure, just be prepared for the training, holy moly.


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