Friday, August 24, 2012

Random Friday

Hi!  Happy Friday!  My workout this morning was a short run to Old Town and back and CLX Push Circuit 3.  It was cold this morning, cold enough that my ears were froze by the time I got home and I could have easily wore my ear muffs.  Its still August right?  Just got me more convinced I am going to want my treadmill by winter time, which luckily gives me plenty of time to look!  Because from my search today I can tell I am going to need lots and lots of time to look.  After I finished Push and got the girls and myself fed we got dressed really quick so I could hit up some garage sales.  I don't do a lot of garage sale shopping mainly because I don't need anything, but today I was really hoping to find a treadmill.  To bad I am not in the market for an elliptical, about every other garage sale had an elliptical machine!  

I was successful though because I found some really cute Disney dress up dresses for the girls.  

They were $1 each and I looked online and they sell for at least $40 a piece brand new, score for this mom! I bought 3 different dresses and some play dress up shoes also, grand total $4.  My mom would like the white one because it has long sleeves.  I got married in the month of August and my mom wanted me to have a dress with long sleeves, no mom just no.    

Between garage sales we stopped at Trader Joe's and picked up some of my favorite things.  Trader Joe's is in Lake Oswego and I live in Sherwood, its a jaunt to get there, but sometimes so worth it.  Especially when I have my personal shoppers to run into my ankles push my cart.

I promise my children are really happy kids...except when a camera gets pulled out.  

Some of my favorites from my trip: 

Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels?!  Um...where have these been all my life?  

Trader Joe's is the only place I can find both sprouted bread and Laughing Cow Blue Cheese wedges for under $5, what is with that?  Cornichons are kind of a religion in my family, Jess said he didn't like them ONCE, he learned to never speak that blasphemy in this house again.  

After our TJ adventure we had a snack in the car to hold us over till we got home, I got an iced coffee to fill the void in my heart where a treadmill should have been today.  If you were wondering about the new flavor of Luna bars I can tell you its awesome, I'm a Nutz Over Chocolate girl and these blow them out of the water!

That's my random Friday!  Tomorrow I am running 16 miles with Katie and I am hoping I survive.  I've ran 14 before, but that was quite some time ago so we'll see how tomorrow ends up.  We are inching closer and closer to our Marathon so its time to get REALLY serious about the long training runs.  Hopefully she'll take me out to breakfast afterwards, oh I really, she better feed me.  Also I am not going to lie to all of you, I am so ready for the Marathon to come and then go, more go than anything.  I know physically I am more than capable of running this darn thing, but right now it is all mental for me.  I am ready to get back to running my way and not having such a large looming race hanging over my head.  Gosh I am such a motivator today right?!  Just want to be honest, don't want anyone out there thinking that marathon training is some quick and easy task and your such a loser for not completing one and therefore you are not a true runner.  I haven't even ran it yet and I already feel defeated a lot of the time, so YOU ARE A RUNNER even if you haven't ran a marathon nor do you have any intention of running one.  That is my PSA for the day!  I am sure tomorrow I'll be feeling much more marathon motivated, I think FINALLY getting this next hurdle/benchmark under my belt will boost my confidence.       

Who out there has ran a marathon? Please share any tips or advice you give a rookie!  

Do you have a Trader Joe's near you? 
-There is an apartment complex across the street from this Trader Joe's, those lucky ducks!  

What are some food staples you always have in your house?


  1. ps costco has those blasted pretzel things in 5 gallon buckets (okay, maybe just 3... but seriously)

    1. Ya I saw that yesterday when we were there! That would be scary here...


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