Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekly Set Up & A Treadmill

Where did the weekend go?  2 days just flies by, don't you think?  It was a pretty productive weekend for me since I was finally able to find a treadmill!  Yay me!  Its nothing fancy, but it does incline a little bit and it is in good shape.  I feel like I totally scored and feel a lot less stressed now if Jess has any upcoming business trips etc.  Whew, check that off the list!  Saturday morning was my long run with Katie and it was a great one.  We did 16 miles and it was awesome!  Actually the first 13-14 were pretty good, it was the last 2 that took a lot of mental determination, but we got it done.  We ran along the water front for a lot of it and it was such a beautiful morning.  


Afterwards we went to Shari's for a very healthy breakfast...or a sugared down yogurt parfait, whatever, potato/tomato.  Katie edited me to look less shiny, but could do nothing about my smile...this is what happens after 16 miles, even smiling becomes a challenge.  

I do feel better about my training since nailing down my first 16.  We are going to do another 16 next weekend before we hit my first 20...then I'll become the big baby you've all grown accustomed to, promise.  

OK last week was a good week for the most part.  I only ran 3 days which I am not thrilled about but I am going to move on from it.  This week will be better!  

Weekly Set-Up 
Monday - CLX Push 1, Run Day 
Tuesday - CLX Intervals & Abs  
Wednesday - CLX Push 2 & Run Day 
Thursday - CLX Extreme Abs
Friday - CLX Push 3 & Run Day 
Saturday - Training Run 
Sunday - Rest Day 

What do you have planned for this week for your runs?

Did anyone participate in the Hood To Coast?  I would love to hear about it!


  1. I'll be hunting down a treadmill in the next couple months as well! Thinking i'll ask my dad for the money if i can find one on craigslist for a birthday gift lol. Glad you finally found one!!

    1. You'll find a lot on Craigslist, I did!


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