Monday, August 27, 2012

Burnt To a Crisp, YUM!

This morning was busy, whew!  I was able to get up and run 5 miles before everything kicked into high gear, so that was good.  I still need to work in my CLX Push 1, but that'll have to wait till much later today.  I still haven't used my treadmill...loser.  I think I'll jump on tomorrow morning instead of my outside run just to break it in.  I took some pictures so you can all see what I am talking about.  

There is really no way to make my garage look less like a garage, trust me, I've tried.  

A few weeks ago on a run I was able to listen to the audio CD that came with my Chalean and I like a lot of the information and ideas she gave.  It is all very motivating and encouraging.  One thing I am trying to implement is eating more often but smaller meals.  Which is something I would prefer since eating is my favorite pastime.  This isn't anything new, but sometimes you have to hear and hear over again to remind you it was a good idea.  

So lunch was my current favorite, roasted veggies over couscous or quinoa, whichever I made ahead for the week!  It is a really easy lunch to put together while I am making the girls their lunch and I always feel satisfied but not stuffed.  I like my veggies really roasted, or burnt, whatever.  OK many more items to tackle on Monday's list! 

Do you eat a lot of smaller meals during the day or stick to the 3 squares? 


  1. That looks yummy! I'm more of a 3 a day, but I do snack twice a day also. I find that it's harder for me to know what is enough, but not too much for the smaller meals.

    1. I completely know what you are talking about, I think I might have to write my meals down for a while and do some tracking. I think I may have possibly (lol) ate to much yesterday, because I wasn't hungry at all when I was suppose to have dinner, oops! It is all a learning curve right?!


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