Monday, August 20, 2012

Super Hero Monday!

Good morning!  I just wrapped up CLX Push 1 and it was a great workout.  I need to pick up heavier weights before Wednesday because I only have as high as 8 lbs and for these sets I would like to go much heavier.  Pretty excited to get this next set under my belt, between the Push Phase and the final month of marathon training its going to be pretty sweaty around here.  Jess is a lucky guy!  For breakfast I was able to make some scramble eggs with all kinds of good stuff mixed in thanks to the great produce at Gramma's Place!  This is only half it, they had so much good stuff yesterday.  The girls love it there and grab everything to put in the cart, luckily being a vegetarian there aren't many veggies I won't try.  

I want to make something really good with those little potatoes, I am thinking maybe a corn chowder would be good?!  

We have an exciting day here, both of the girls have their last summer camp today at the SAME TIME!  Both of the girls are taking a Super Hero Camp at their preschool and I'll be childless for a small portion (2 hours) of the day.  So the question will be, how far can I run in 2 hours?!  It'll probably end up being around 8 miles by the time I hit the pavement and get back in time to spy on them, but they will be a glorious 8 miles!    

What are your running plans for today?  Long or short?  Any run at all?

Do you like to shop at your local farm stands or farmers markets?
-Sherwood has some awesome local family farms, we are in such a great little part of Oregon 

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