Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekly Set-Up & Measurements

Hello!  I just wrapped up the final phase in the Burn Phase of Chalean!  Feels really great to accomplish something you've set out to do.  I'm not done yet, I still have 2 more 30 day phases to complete but at least now I know I can get it done!  The key to success for me was writing it down in my planner and knowing exactly what runs and workouts I had scheduled on what day.  Having everything laid out and written down made it a lot harder to ignore.  The next phase is called the Push Phase and instead of completing 10-12 reps of a certain muscle group, she wants you to "fail" at 6-8 reps which means a lot heavier weights!  I think I'll need to pick up a set of 10 lb dumbbells today so I am ready to go tomorrow morning.  I can't tell you exactly what it is about this particular program that has me so motivated, its probably a number of things, but I don't want to quit.  I am ready mentally and physically to finally push myself towards something I've been wanting for a long time.  I know that since I've stopped making excuses nothing is standing in my way anymore.  If you want something go for it, don't make excuses!

OK here are my measurements on Day 1:    
Waist - 29.5
Hips - 36.25
Abductors - 24.5
Chest - 37.5
Arm/Bicep - 10.5
Thigh - 20.75
Weight - 138 

Current Day 30 Measurements: 
Waist - 27.25 
Hips - 35
Abductors - 23.5
Chest - 35.25
Arm/Bicep - 10.25
Thigh - 20.25
Weight - 135 

Total Inches Lost = 7.5 Inches Lost! 

So as I am typing this up I am thinking I must have done my measurements wrong at some point!  Then I remembered how careful I was and how I double checked all of my measurements on Day 1 so these have to be accurate.  After writing all of my numbers down I took my pictures and there the proof was in the pudding, I actually can see the changes.  The Day 1 pictures are the pink unflattering shorts and the Day 30 Shots are my self portraits in the bathroom, nice right?!

I am pretty nervous to share these shots because I really do not like my Day 1 photos, but the real results are really seen in the pictures so I thought to get my point across I would share.  I am so ready to hit the next 30 days with even more determination and motivation!  I still need to really work on my diet, I am not going to go on a diet but work on making healthier choices more consistently.  

Here is what next week looks like!  

Monday - CLX Push 1, Run 6-8 Miles 
Tuesday - CLX Intervals & Ab Burner 
Wednesday - CLX Push 2, Run 6-8 Miles 
Thursday - Track/Speed Workout 
Friday - Push 3 
Saturday - Marathon Training Run
Sunday - CLX Extreme Abs 

These workouts always seem to get a little modified and moved around as the week progresses and life gets in the way, but my Weekly Set Up is always my goal and I am usually pretty close.  Now I am off to make my grocery list and get some food in this house!  Seriously, can't live off of goldfish and packets of applesauce forever...well maybe Katherine could.  


  1. Congrats Dani! You look awesome! So proud of you and Katie!

    1. Thanks Jenni! It was hard to get going with it that first week, but once that was under my belt it just became routine and I actually look forward to doing it now.

  2. Your hard work totally shows!! I just noticed in you back picture, you can totally see your amazing back shoulder muscles!!! AWESOME!

    1. Thanks Amanda :) I read this comment just as I was starting my Intervals, that was another nice push to get it done! Nice to finally find something I like, thought Katie was cray cray when she was talking to me about it!


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