Friday, August 31, 2012

Random Friday

Somehow it is 5 already, Friday has flown by!  Yesterday ended up being a non-scheduled rest day which is fine because I felt really strong this morning during my run and Push 3.  I really do like to start the weekend off on the best foot.  Luckily I write my weekly set up in pencil so I just moved my rest day around and instead of Sunday it became yesterday.  Having to scratch it out in pen might have broke me.  One thing I did do yesterday was keep track of my protein intake and while it is in the healthy range, it is not anywhere near where I need it to be to help build muscle, not even close!  So I picked up a couple things today to help and paid more attention to easy ways I can add in protein on my heavy weight days.  Luckily I like eggs!  I picked up a new protein powder, some Kashi cereal and Luna Protein bars.  

The Luna bars have 12g of protein in each bar and while there are bars out there with more I really like Luna bars.  The Muscle Milk protein powder has 32g of protein (boo ya!) and the Kashi cereal is 13g of protein in each cup of cereal, which is good cause I'll have at least 3, lets just be honest.  Who eats 1 cup of cereal?!  

I mean who can pass up an extra serving of fiber twigs?!  I find it hard to believe they couldn't find a better adjective to use to describe their cereal other than twigs.  Don't think I'll have to hide this from Jess, something tells me he won't be fighting me for my bowl of fiber twigs!  I'll give it a chance, we all deserve a chance.  Could be good, could be really baaad, I'll find out tomorrow!  Speaking of tomorrow I can't believe it is already time for another 16 mile run, its getting to be go time!  

OK I hope you have a great weekend!  I'll leave with you some photographic evidence that your least favorite blogger is cool in all areas of life.  

What are you running this weekend?  

Any races you want to share? 

Are you really photogenic or do you photograph like the blonde above?
-My Godmother Jenny would always tell me how un-photogenic I was, nice right?!  LOL!  She would always follow it up with how much more beautiful I am in real life...right Jenny, nice save.  I miss her a lot today.  She would have had a hay day with this collage!  


  1. Love Kashi cereal! And I have 3/4cups, no more! LOL!! Glad to see Sarah actually acknowledged the camera!! And that blue looks REALLY good on you!

    1. LOL I know she actually looked :) I think 3/4 cup would be just about right, I had 1 cup on Saturday and it was a good pre-run fuel.


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