Thursday, August 30, 2012

OMSI After Dark

Hi!  Its a run rest day for me but I'll still be getting in my cardio with CLX Intervals later today, that sucker is no joke.  Its funny how different my days feel when I don't get my workout done first thing in the morning.  As long as I have the mind set of its not IF I'll get in my workout its WHEN then there is no doubt I'll get it done.  

I kept track of the amount of protein I eat in a regular day and found out that while I am in the healthy zone I am pretty low in the "trying to build lean muscle zone."  Or whatever "zone" you would call that, Jess would probably call it "beeeefcake zone".  I did some looking online today for protein rich foods for vegetarians and will start working on incorporating more of those in on a daily basis.  I am eating more of my favorite snack lately.  I get these snack pack apples from Costco and they are always perfect and cold, so good!

Last night Jess and I had a date night at OMSI, which for you non-Oregonians is Oregon's Museum of Science and Industry, also known as Jesse's happy place.  Its an event for 21+ and they have a different theme each time they put it on.  Last night's theme was Chic Geeks and they had a couple different fashion shows going on.  There was a lot of other things going on all over the museum aside from the fashion, like a booth where you could make your own duct tape wallet.  

Can't wait to use mine all the time!  Just kidding, we gave them to the girls, they flap them around like they are birds and make "tweet tweet" sounds.  Isn't that what yo do with your wallet?  

Along with the opportunity to make some amazing accessories there was a Fashion Show put on by the students from the School of Design and Human Environment from Oregon State University.  Each student had between 3-5 pieces and their own theme to their collection.  I took pictures of a few of my favorite outfits and what I could see myself or friends wear in everyday situations.    

It was a lot of fun and something I would do in the future for date night.  They had quite a few vendors which wasn't something I expected to see.  They had KIND Natural Snacks who make one of my favorite snack bars, Kombucha Wonder Drink which I never had before and now am obsessed with and of course lots of other snack vendors and some breweries also.  The next OMSI After Dark is September 26th and its called Burgers and Brew.  Since the next one is burger themed I would suggest eating there, but we did say the next time we go we'd eat beforehand.  Plus the whole museum is opened up so you can explore all of their regular exhibits also while you are there.  Right now the current exhibit is Natural Disasters which was interested to check out, they had quite a bit of artifacts and personal stories from Hurricane Katrina survivors.  Which given Hurricane Issac and its timing of the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina it was very thought provoking.  Did I just sound really smart there?  Nah, I didn't think so either.   

Have you ever been to OMSI? 

If you don't live in Oregon or Portland do you have anything similar in your town?  

What is your favorite high protein snack or meal?  That isn't meat :)  

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