Friday, August 3, 2012

Random Friday

Happy Friday!  For most of you its means the weekend, woop woop!  For me it means a long training run coming up plus the weekend and one of these! 

We went to the Wilsonville Water Fountain for I think a whole 30 minutes this afternoon...I can honestly say it took at least 3 times that to just get out the door and get there.  Next time I'll stay local, not as big of a deal if we don't stay very long.  Sarah thought she didn't feel good, so we went from this 

To this

In a matter of minutes.  Turns out by the time we got home and everything was put was gas.  Which is good, nobody wants their kid sick for a multitude of reasons, so gas was a welcome problem. 

I should make some great dinner tonight, but honestly I just want to drive to Papa Murphy's and buy their $5 pepperoni...but I am even to lazy to do that right now.  So frozen Tombstone it is!  I still need to get my Burn 3 accomplished, which will happen, but I am going to wait till its not 90 degrees.  Oregonians are WIMPS in the heat, ask anybody!  Maybe they'll just say its me.  

Where and how long is your long training run this weekend?  

What are you doing this weekend that isn't running related?  

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