Saturday, August 4, 2012

100th Post Giveaway!

Hi!  I promise I'll get to the giveaway stuff eventually, but there are other matters to attend to!  This morning I did my CLX Burn 3.  I was suppose to do it last night but the night completely got away from me and by the time we put the girls in bed I could barely keep my eyes open.  I gave my self a pass since I did run in the morning, I wasn't a total slug.  I set my alarm for 6:30 and did my workout before I even drank a cup of coffee, score one for me!  Tomorrow morning I am doing my first trail run in lieu of the Tualatin group run, its with a group that is pretty much all around better runners than me so it should be interesting!  Packing lots of band-aids in my belt...I have a feeling I'll need them.

After my workout this morning we all had to get ready so we could take Jesse's car into Subaru for its 15K mileage thing or whatever, to me it meant breakfast out!  YAY!  We went to Black Bear Diner off of Canyon in Beaverton and it was so good!  

It was totally a place that my MIL would have loved, plus the food was really good and our waitress was really sweet.  There were little bear footprints on everything and it took a while for the girls to chill out from yelling "Mom a bear, look! Hey Mom look another bear!" I bet the other patrons can't wait to have us back!  

One the way home we saw that one of our local farms was going to have pony rides, sweet!  My Grandpa use to always take me to pony rides when I was kid and it was really fun to do that for the girls today.  Granted they ride horses in Montana pretty regularly...but this was fun too!  

Can't you tell by their HUGE grins.  Why won't my kids smile when I take their picture!  Jerks.  Their horses name was Bob, Bob was a sweetheart.  

The place is called Gramma's farm and its not even a mile from our house.  They just finished a little remodel of their produce stand/store and it looks so great now, I stocked up a bunch of fresh vegetables and fruit.  

So far the weekend has been a success!  I hope yours is going just as well!  

OK, now onto the GIVEAWAY!  Why a giveaway you ask?  Because its my 100th post and I didn't want it to go by without marking the occasion.  I am giving away a few of my favorite go-to items for running, they are very basic items but I don't like to run without them!  

1. This is my absolute favorite journal, I use it to keep my blogging notes in, but it can easily be used to track mileage, workouts, etc.  The quote is "She's A Dreamer, A Doer, A Thinker.  She Sees Possibility Everywhere."

2. Goody Brand No Slip Headbands, LOVE!  I don't run without one and I like to match them to my outfit, there are so many color options.  They really do stay on your head and you don't have to mess them.  

3. GU and Clif Shot Bloks!  My two favorite flavors of GU are Espresso Love and Peanut Butter, I really like the Espresso Love on a early morning long run for obvious reasons.  My Two favorite flavors of the Clif Shot Bloks are the Mountain Berry and the Cran-Razz.  I like these because they are super easy to pop in your mouth while your running and they taste like a treat.  

4.  Lastly and maybe its just me, but I cannot run without having chap stick on me.  Maybe because I am a mouth breather?  I have no idea, but I have a stick everywhere, my car, my hydration belt, my purse has at least 3, bathrooms, kitchen...I think I have a problem.  Plus it has to be the boring blue kind, none of that cherry junk, yuck.  

So there you go!  Its nothing exciting but I wanted to share some of my favorites with you and I am excited to see who will win!  I am going to pick a winner by using Random.Org on Tuesday, August 7th!  

There are a couple ways you can win: 

1. Follow my blog and then leave me a comment telling me for one entry!

2. Go and "Like" my Facebook page and then tell me in the comments for another entry!

3. You can follow me on Twitter!  I promise I am not an over-tweeter!  Then just tell me in the comments for a third entry!

There you go, 3 ways to win!  

**None of these are sponsored, I just like them and wanted to share with my readers**


  1. I follow your blog and it's amazing!!! You have a FB page????

    1. Sweeeeet!!! Gonna "like" it right now!!!

  2. Already a follower- I love you :)


  3. Dani! I love your facebook page! I love your blog! And love you!!! Lol can't wait for the run next weekend! :-) -Jenni H!

  4. Well, I already follow your blog! You show up automatically in my reader!


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