Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'll Never Leave You Again...Maybe

Good morning!  My workout this morning was a 3.35 mile run and I pushed it to a 10:28 pace which was challenging but felt good.  I really want to push myself to get to a 10 minute pace by the end of the year, that is goal #89, kidding, kind of.  When I got home I changed my shoes and put on my CLX Burn 2 DVD.  It was hard today, I was hungry but wanted to push through till the end before I ate.  Then I saw we were out of milk so no protein shake for me, waaaa!

i dont think that is a particularly good argument

So a few weeks ago I needed wanted a new pair of running shoes.  I thought I would try a different brand, I tried on a few different types and finally decided on the Nike Pegasus.  I am going to return them tomorrow, I am just not loving them.  Luckily I have a 90 day rewards program/member thing at Road Runner so I should be able to return them hassle free.  I am going to get another pair of Mizunos and stick with what works.  There isn't anything particularly wrong with the Nikes, I just really liked my Mizunos and have started to wear them for my CLX.  My feet just fit perfectly in the Mizunos and I miss them.  Sorry Nike!  Its not you, its me.  

Well I have had way to much caffeine this morning and I need to fix the lack of milk problem so look out people at Costco, I am coming and I'll have the girls.  You've been warned.  

What is your favorite running shoe? 

Do you stick with a particular shoe or do you try out different brands?

Do you use inserts?  
I have some that I got this time around and I am really happy with them!

Do you read my questions and think to yourself, this girl is a wacko?


  1. Sadness... I LOVE my Nike Pegasus, but they are also last (?) years model and I do need to get new shoes (hello, 400 miles!). Hopefully they haven't changed too much with this new version...

    Inserts. Yes. And now I totally know where you shop so... it makes a huge difference who fits them. Some folks down there do a better job than others. :)

    1. Ya, I was there literally 20 minutes before closing and had no intention of doing a fitting, just grab a pair of Mizunos and be on my way. But they did their thing and I picked the Nike's. They aren't bad shoes at all but I am just not in love with the way they feel on my feet. I have long, narrow and high arches so the top of my foot can get aggravated easily. So I'll go back to the Mizunos cause they didn't bother me. Katie loves Nike shoes and never usually has a problem with hers so its funny how different feet can be.

      I do most of my shopping at Portland Running Company, but Road Runner is on the way for a lot of my errands so I pop in there from time to time too if I am short on time :)

  2. I use Nike Moto shoes. They are the only ones I've found that don't aggravate my knee.

    1. Oh I've never seen the Moto shoes, I'll check those out when I go back!


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