Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chocolate Milk Doesn't Count

Good morning!  My workout this morning was CLX Burn Intervals and the burn isn't just the half of it, that workout is INTENSE!  I learned last week to not do a long run or a speed workout on Burn Interval day...that's a no-no.  I'll do the Abs portion of the workout tonight, I like to be fresh to do the abs so I can really push and give it my all.  Not going to lie, abs are the only reason I am doing this darn thing.

Yesterday was our Costco trip, we walked out under $200 so that is good right?  I only bought food products too, which is a win in my book!  They sell the best little gadgets and gizmos and just junk you can't find at regular stores and makes you feel you gotta buy it!  I bought some of my favorite things and a few of Jesse's.  He's so picky that I usually just send him on his own and he can pick up whatever it is that he likes that particular month.  Not a mind reader, but his basics are Mt. Dew, Kirkland Vitamin Water & Nesquik.  

The Portland French Rustic bread is the absolute best bread!  It doesn't have any sugar and no carbs!  Kidding, it really doesn't have any sugar but it does have carbs and it toasts just right, yum.  Love the gigantor bucket of hummus I can get so it last me more than 3 days, I put hummus on everything!  My brother put in his Sunday dinner request and one of his items was my 7 layer dip so I had a great excuse to buy the big boy of guacamole, my 2nd favorite behind hummus.  

OK so today I am picking up my Giveaway items!  This is my 96th post so get ready for the giveaway because its coming up!  I'll be looking for a 100 word essay describing how much you love me and my blog. Kidding...or am I?  OK we are running late this morning, my fault, but I have to get my little Olympians ready for their swim lessons.  Hopefully Katherine won't try to eat the body board this time...ya, that is my kid.

What are you favorite things you buy from Costco? 

What did you do for your workout this morning?

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