Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Emptiness Inside

Good afternoon!  We just got home from swim lessons and playing at the park.  We went with 2 buckets and 2 shovels.  We came home with 2 buckets and 1 shovel.  There was a little kid playing with it and I couldn't bring myself to ask him for it back, I mean really its a shovel, we'll just jack some other kids next time, makes the world go round.  

My beauties pre-swim lesson, they get their amazing photogenic smile from their mother. 

Thank you Costco for having some of the best quick healthy kid snacks ever.  

Thank you Sherwood for having a giant sandbox WITH water for the girls to play in, happiest girls ever.

So earlier this morning I confessed that I was in a silent one-sided take down competition with Katie.  As I am posting it she shares on Facebook how she just wrapped up her 9 miles...ugh...really?  Just goes to show you all what I am working with here!  Its all good, it really does keep me motivated and keep me adding mileage every week.  Now that I know she's done a niner this week I have to at least TRY to get in a 7-9 before Sunday, I can do that right?  Sure.  Plus she made a good point, since Tuesdays are our off day from CLX its a perfect day to get in a long weekday run.  Right again Katie.  

See this empty jar?  Its not because I haven't earned any dollars its because I have no dollars, isn't that sad?!  I need to go to the bank or at least a store where I can get some...an empty workout jar is just plain sad.

What did you do today?  Is the weather nice where you are?  

What are you making for dinner? 
-I am having a heck of a time coming up with something besides grilled cheeses for the girls, any suggestions?

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