Thursday, August 2, 2012

Breaking News

Hi!  I haven't done my Ab workout yet...I am going to do tonight, its only a 10 minute quick torture so I'll get it done after the girls go to bed.  I returned my Nike running shoes this afternoon and traded them for the new generation of Mizuno Wave Riders.  But they didn't have my size in stock, 9.5, so they had to order them for me.  Nothing like going into a store with shoes to leave without shoes, sad face.

**I have a picture to put here, but blogger hates me right now**

They should be here soon though, I got the email telling me they've already shipped so that is good news and they only cost me $7 more bucks!  I am super excited for them to arrive, until then I'll wear my tried and true Mizunos.  

I have a hair appointment tonight, actually in about an hour.  No cutting today!  I am trying to grow it out, aren't you thrilled I shared that with you?  I know, now your evenings can go on as scheduled since you have that exciting piece of news to share with your loved ones.  Have a good night!  Go out for a run or do an exercise you've been wanting to try off of Pinterest, you won't regret it!

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