Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday's Weekly Set Up

Good morning!  Yesterday I ran my first trail run up in Forest Park.  It was a 12 mile out and back and it was surprisingly a lot of fun!  I wasn't sure about it at first but thought I should at least give it a try and I am glad I did.  It was challenging which I needed!  This morning I did a 3.5 mile recovery run and it felt good to get my legs loosened up and I don't feel nearly as stiff.  Going to ice my knees a bit today they're feeling a little neglected!  

I thought I could get a nap after the run...but I should know better than that.  When I got home it was mom time so I made everyone lunch and then we started to get ready for our upcoming camping trip.  We wanted to get the tents set up so that we could make sure everything was kosher and clean, it was like a tent city in our tiny backyard yesterday. 

Off to Bi-Mart for some necessary items, like a camping coffee pot for me, I have a feeling they won't have a  Starbucks nearby.  Jess was trying out some cots and Katherine was making sure they were comfy enough.  She didn't really approve of this one.  

Wish I could share more from the weekend but I've got to run so that we can get ready for our day and I can clean up the hurricane that went through the house yesterday.  Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!  You have three different ways you can enter and I am going to pick a winner tomorrow (Tuesday) and announce it in my afternoon post, good luck!   

This Week's Work Out Set-Up: 
Monday - Recovery Run, CLX Recharge (Yoga'ish)
Tuesday - 4/5 Mile Run, CLX Burn 1 
Wednesday - Tempo Run, CLX Burn 2 
Thursday - CLX Interval & Abs 
Friday - Long Run, Burn 3 
Saturday - CLX Burn it Off 
Sunday - Rest Day

Do you camp?  Tent or Camper? 

Have you done any trail runs?  How do you like them?  Any trails you'd recommend?

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