Friday, July 13, 2012

You gotta love YOU!

Good morning!  I did an easy 3 miles this morning on a trusted route with an empty stomach and it went really well.  I've stopped worrying about my pace on every run and decided that unless I am doing specific speed work I'll just run what works that day.  Today it was an 11:30 minute pace and I am okay with that, finally.  From talking with Katie about her running group and their philosophy is that you don't need to train fast to run fast in a race, this is music to my ears.  I have found that I can run a 10 minute pace in a race, but if I really push it I can pull out a 9:30-9:45 if I dig really deep and for now I am happy with that.  I am going to work at getting faster and I know that I will get there eventually, and it may not be for my marathon.  My ultimate race pace goal is an 8:00 minute mile and it'll take me probably over a year to get there, maybe even 2, but I am willing to put in the work required.  When I was on Pinterest yesterday looking for some pins relating to ChaLEan I came across this one:


This is a lesson I need to learn if I want to be successful in the goals I have set for myself.  I would never speak to my friends the way my head talks to me at times, never.  My opinion is that we need to build up each other and encourage, never break down or put down the people we care about and love.  Why do we do it to ourselves?  I know we all do it and its a bad habit to break but if we can't encourage ourselves and push our bodies to do the things we want it to do then we'll never get to where we want to go.  I am going to start seeing myself the way the people who care about me see me.  And you need to do the same thing!  

Tell me something you like about yourself, physical or otherwise :)  
 I'll go first: I like my calves and eyes.  Plus I make a mean layered bean dip!

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