Friday, July 13, 2012

Random Friday

Good Afternoon!  I hope your Friday the 13th has been lucky!  I bought fudge pops and got my free Starbucks Refresher so all in all its been a pretty awesome Friday the 13th.  Plus it is absolutely beautiful outside, going to be blowing up our pool ASAP!

Last night I sauteed up some zucchini with onions and topped with a little parmigiana cheese, ya they were really good.  Jess even ate them, he doesn't eat anything green. 

Once I am off of my computer and being productive again I am going to make these bad boys. 

These my friends are No-Bake Energy Bites, but they could be called No-Bake Butt Bites and I would make them because they look amazing and No-Bake means almost No-Work.  

Tomorrow morning is the 10K with Katie out in Sandy, Mountain Madness baby!  I am going to wear my super awesome hydration belt because they only have two water stations planned and I know myself and I'll be dying without my aqua.  For a normal person 2 would be plenty, but if you haven't caught on just yet, I am not a normal person.  So yes Katie watch out for my irresistibleness (not actually a word) and if you make fun of me I won't share my aqua with you.  Yes you do care.

Who else is running this weekend?  

Do you need a lot of water when you are running or are you a running camel?

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  1. I still have never made fun of you for your hydration belt! LOL! I too have a hydration belt and yours is actually cute!! So stop making fun of yourself and blaming me! Looking forward to running with you (and your belt) tomorrow!


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