Monday, July 30, 2012

Workout Tips

Hi!  I probably misled you all into thinking I would have some great workout tips for all of you...I don't, I am still figuring out that road myself!  BUT I actually did a project off of Pinterest...YES!  I bet a lot of you have seen this floating around on Pinterest:

Workout Tip Jar!

I made one too!  

Its not empty because of lack of workouts, I just need $1 bills!  I am going to give myself $1 for a run and $1 for my CLX, so there will be some days that'll I'll put in $2 bucks, oh yea!  

I made a very delish quesadilla today for lunch, it had black beans, Rotel (from the can) tomatoes, onion, cilantro, goat cheese & shredded cheddar.  Thank you Run Eat Repeat for the quesadilla craving!

Not sure what we'll do for dinner, trying to use what we have instead of making ANOTHER trip to the grocery store.  I might just make another quesadilla, that picture is making me hungry! 

Have you ever made anything from Pinterest and had it actually turn out?


  1. I made these Rolo pretzel things... Oh my! Seriously good. :)

    1. Oh yum! Have you made the rolo cookies? They are pretty simple, I think its a box of devils food cake mix and you just use 1 egg and water so its a pretty thick consistency. Then you roll a rolo in the middle...OMG I think Jess would have married me all over again after he had his first one.


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