Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Am Number 1

Good morning!  Just got back from my 4.8 miles this morning, such a beautiful morning in Sherwood.  Its a rest day from CLX but I'll be back at it tomorrow along with another run.  The days where I do both require a lot of push from me mentally, physically I can do it, but I have to be mentally ready to conquer it.  Last week was one of my best weeks in terms of going after both my runs and the CLX and this week I am on target to achieving it again.  I know that being a parent and trying to fit in anything for yourself can be a real challenge, especially if you also work a P/T or F/T job, but Runners World posted this yesterday and I couldn't help but think how it use to apply to me.

I could always find time to watch TV, always.  I would get into bed and watch at least 30-45 minutes of TV before I fell asleep.  So now I remind myself of that on a day I haven't gotten my CLX done.  I am going to go to bed and watch TV for the next 45 minutes I might as well just bust out my CLX.  Its all about do you want it or not?  OK no more lecturing.  I promise :) 

I had another quesadilla for dinner last night, I told you I would!  But I added some roasted brussel sprouts to the side so I got a good healthy vegetable in there too.  Its getting to be go time with my marathon training and along with my CLX I need to make sure I am getting the right foods so I can feel good during my runs.  I am finding myself in a silent competition with Katie lately on my runs.  While I can't keep up with her pace because she is a lot faster than me, I am trying to keep up with her weekly mileage.  For instance she ran 4.3 yesterday so I knew today I didn't want to run less than 4 miles.   

OK enough of that, we have swim lessons and then either the Sherwood water fountain park or the Reptile Man, haven't decided yet.  

Which would you do, Water Fountain or Reptile Man?

What gets you out the door for a run?

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