Monday, July 30, 2012

Roll'n With My Homies

Good morning!  CLX Burn 1 is completed, no run today.  I am sore from yesterday's run and I can feel my knees are tight, going to have to bust out my roller, anyone else not like rolling?  I need to just make it part of my routine, roll it out and stretch, then you get breakfast!  Speaking of breakfast, I have found that I like eggs again.  For a while there I just did not want to eat eggs for breakfast but since I don't eat meat and I want to up my protein to help build muscle I figured eggs were an easy way to do that.

eggs and eggs

Now onto the olympics!  Did you see Dana Vollmer win Gold and break the world record in the 100 meter butterfly?!  Its amazing what these athletes can accomplish.  We also brought home a Silver in Women's Synchronized Diving, its incredible to watch how in sync they are with their moves in the air.  I really like the water sports right now, but I am really looking forward to Track and Field getting started, who is with me?!  It is just unreal to me how fast and conditioned the long distance runners are and how fast they can do a marathon.    

So I've been contemplating doing a Vlog series...yes I know Katie, you'll get to see my beautiful face on your computer screen, gosh you guys are luuuucky.  I don't know yet though, its an idea I am throwing around!  Also a heads up, I am getting close to my 100th blog post and will be doing a GIVEAWAY of a couple of my favorite things.   Most of them running related :)  You should stay tuned!  

I'll ask these questions even though nobody ever answers ;)

Are you going to watch Walsh & Treanor compete in Beach Volleyball today?  

What did you do this weekend?  Anything worth mentioning?!

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