Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Work Out/Running Rut

Good morning all!  I don't know about you but lately I have been in a rut with my workout and running routine.  I am sure this is normal and probably has a lot to do with being out of my routine for 2 full weeks.  I always find it funny that Runner's World Magazine always seems to have an article related to something going on with my running.  In this month's magazine they have a blurb about getting back into your routine after a vacation or taking some time off...its like they can read my mind!  So I'll follow some of their tips to get back into it, for example running 2-3 minutes slower than your regular pace, that I can handle.  Just call me Mrs. Slowsky and I am A-OK with it :)

In the car on the way home from Montana I was texting back and forth with Katie about a workout program/DVD that a friend of her's (yes, I let her have few outside friends) had just accomplished and how great she looked.  Really?  I was thinking to myself that I would give Jesse's left nut for a body that didn't make me crazy.  I know I know, we shouldn't be all wrapped up in body image right?  Of course not and I get that, but c'mon what woman out there doesn't want a lean body and a flat stomach?  Don't lie.  Long story short, I just ordered ChaLean and I am so excited to get started!  The reason I took the plunge was because I went to Amanda's blog and saw her results.  I trust her results because she is a real person, Katie actually knows her! 

 I am committed to running the marathon in October and I know that in order to be successful I need to work hard to achieve that goal and that is going to require some cross training, well I just found my cross training.  No monthly membership and I can do it at home, plus Katie is also doing ChaLean so just like with running she will be holding me accountable.  I would say that getting my body back after the twins is my goal, but honestly my body before the twins wasn't all that great either.  So I am doing this to get the body I've always wanted, I am excited to get started and see the results.    

Who else does workout DVDs at home?  

Anyone ever do ChaLean or any other Beachbody system?


  1. I love ChaLean!! My sis in law got me hooked on it :)

    1. Really?! I am so glad you like it so much, I think Katie & I will be really happy with our results too :) You go girl!


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