Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Instagram & Back to Reality!

After my quickie post this morning I got out there and ran some would call some "junk" miles.  I am running a  a 5K (might turn into the 10K) with Katie this Saturday in Sandy.  I am also missing another group run which is a total bummer, I am SO ready to get back to the group runs.  They just keep me motivated and excited about running, for me when I am consistently just running alone I lose a lot of my momentum.  I wasn't able to do much running the week before last because Jess was out of town working in Detroit...that was a looooong week and we left a mere 8 hours for Montana after he got home.  I am getting tired just thinking about the last two weeks, HA!  Now that we are back home it feels good for all of us to get back to routine, the girls are having a bit of an adjustment issue but here's to hoping they settle into it soon!  It was worth it though, they had a great time visiting their MeeMaw and Papa and all of their cousins.

I took a plunge today!  I downloaded the Instagram app and its actually really fun, I love that I can see my friends Instagram pictures too, its like a photo only Facebook.  I a photo today right before we went into the YMCA for the girls first solo (no me) swim lesson.  You can follow me if you want, my username is RunDaniellaRun, shocker, I know.  I would put it on here but I don't know how...that is so sad.

Along with getting back into our routine I am getting way back and starting to follow my meal plan again.  I signed up with The Fresh 20 probably a year or so ago when I bought a Groupon and I have been really happy with their recipes.  When I originally signed up I did so with their Classic plan, which is one that includes meat in their recipes.  What I love is that they also have Vegetarian and Gluten Free meal plans, very cool.  So naturally I am using the Vegetarian meal plan which is very easy to modify for Jess so he has his meat when he wants it...which I notice isn't that often, hmmm.  I was asked a lot why I made the change to veggie while I was in Montana and since no body seemed happy with the actual answer I started answering with "To annoy everyone, is it working?" at least it got a laugh :) Speaking of dinner and meal plans I should probably get started with that, have a good evening!

Does anyone else use a meal planning service?  I am super lame at coming up with meal ideas.  

Let me know if you use Instagram too!  

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