Sunday, July 29, 2012

**Olympic Spoilers**

Hello!  I did my first group run in a long time this morning.  Actually I should clarify, I ran with my friend Sharol in Tualatin by ourselves and got lost a couple times.  We both usually run with Portland Fit downtown on Saturdays but thought we would try out Sunday in Tualatin because our schedules were changing slightly. I don't know, it wasn't great.  The group was small, probably less than 10 of us and we didn't stick together. It wasn't a route that either Sharol and I had any idea where we were going so thankfully we grabbed a map.    Basically it didn't feel much like a 'group' but glad I wasn't completely on my own.  Regardless I got the 13 miles done and will do my ChaLean recharge later today!

On to the Olympics!  Did you watch any of the events that were on last night?  I watched some of the swimming and some of the men's gymnastics before I went to bed.  I was surprised to see how unprepared the Chinese back up gymnasts were for their routines, but that will only show favor for our boys!  

If you didn't see it maybe you read about the Michael Phelps tragedy?  Ok Ok not really a tragedy, but c'mon dude didn't even place!  He'll either come back strong and show us what the Olympics are all about or he'll fizzle out...I am hoping for a good showing from him! 

He's still cute though, so I guess he has that going for him. 

Alright onto more important business!  

This Week's Set Up - 
Monday - CLX Burn 1, No Run 
Tuesday - Recovery Run, No CLX
Wednesday - Run Day & CLX Burn 2 
Thursday - Intervals & Abs, No Run  
Friday - Speed/Track Workout & CLX Burn 3 
Saturday - Burn It Off & Abs, No Run  
Sunday - 12 Miles & Recharge 

Last week things were tweaked a bit for general life purposes but I was able to do 4 runs and all of my ChaLean workouts.  That makes a very successful week for me!  Looking forward to pulling it off again next week.

What's your favorite Olympic sport to watch? 

Do you cheer for just Team USA or are there other countries you also go for? 

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