Friday, July 27, 2012

Random Friday

Happy Friday!  I finished up Burn 3 from ChaLean earlier this afternoon and I am already feeling it.  Something I am noticing from this workout is that I have a lot more energy afterwards.  Does working your muscles with weight lifting affect your energy levels more so than running or do you think it just affects people differently?

I also got an extra full body workout today using this bad boy!

Say hi to Lucy!

Why am I using a vacuum as old or possibly older than my husband?  Because this sucker (like the pun?) kicks butt!  I finally bought some new bags for it yesterday and was able to fire it up.  My MIL gave it to me probably a year ago at this point but I was hesitant to try it since I was sort of a Dyson snob.  Well Sandy is a Kirby snob and kept insisting I just try it and I am glad I did.  Its a little dusty I am noticing so I'll work on that for its next outing.  Anyway, it works great but its hard to push.  The newer models actually have a drive and neutral setting which make them easier to maneuver but in the mean time this old classic will do just fine.  

Last night my neighbor brought me over one of these beers
I want one now.  I would actually probably enjoy 2, but I'll control myself and have 1, that is if I can find where she bought them.  They are really light and refreshing and I think perfect to pair with the Opening Ceremonies tonight :) 

I usually don't do any alcohol on Friday nights because of my run the next morning, but I changed my runs to Sundays.  Why?  Don't worry I'll you!  When I was running Saturdays I had to go all the way into Downtown Portland, I know cry me a river but they also have a group on Sundays in the town just 5 miles from me so Sundays prevailed.  Plus with the Saturday runs I wouldn't be able to partake in weekend festivities on Friday night and come Saturday night I would be so exhausted I couldn't participate then either, so now I get the best of both worlds.  There is a way to work hard and play hard too :)  Well I could work a little harder...where's that Kirby...

What are you running this weekend?  Race or Group Run? 

Do you have a favorite beverage, alcoholic or non-alcoholic?  

Any non-running/workout related plans this weekend? 
-Sherwood has the Saturday market tomorrow morning, would love to check it out-

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