Friday, July 27, 2012

Because its Friday, Friday

Good morning!  Somehow its already Friday, the week flew by at our house.  Maybe because we had a visitor for a couple days in the middle and I only had one kid in the middle of the day for 4 of the 5 days.  Does summer seem to be flying by for you too?  I can't believe next week is already August, would love a slow down button right about now.  Anyways, back to the topics at hand, I did my track workout this morning which was a 5(400x400) and it felt great.  I love doing speed workouts because it shows me what I can really do and how far I can push myself.  Plus they can get pretty uncomfortable and I tend to shy away from that feeling during a regular long run.  Later today I'll do ChaLean's Burn Circuit 3 and tomorrow morning will be another CLX Ab workout.  This will be first week in a long time that I've done a workout 6 out of the 7 days and its feels so good!  Tuesday was a non-scheduled rest day for me, but it all ended up working out, no pun intended.  Plus I am on track for my 4 days of running, its amazing what a little routine, some sleep and following your schedule can get you to accomplish.

Last week was a rough week with Jenny passing away and my family being spread all over the place.  This week we were able to come together and spend some time together, it did wonders for my heart.  Losing someone is never easy, no matter what the circumstance.  I let myself be sad and wallow around last week but this week I said enough was enough.  I scheduled my workouts and stuck to them and because of that I feel that I was much better able to handle what was thrown at me.  Does working out make losing Jenny easier?  No.  Nothing will ever make losing her easy, but it cleared my mind.  I felt a lot less anxious this week and less on edge with everyone.  I was able to be better with the girls and with Jess, which of course you always take it out on the ones closest to you.  Jenny was a major part of my life, I had a bond with her that I don't have with anyone else.  She was a really special lady and she was proud of me, I need to continue to live my life in a way that makes her proud.  Being a complainer and depressed wouldn't make her proud so enough of that!  It still hits me like a ton of bricks once the house settles down and everything is quiet and I let myself feel that because its just how it is.  Its a hard loss for our family and she'll always be missed and loved by us.  Jenny was a person who made you better and encouraged you to be better, never a care for herself only others.

The girls' baptism in 2009 

Joey's 8th Grade Graduation in 2007

Love you Nana Jenny!  I am grateful for you, always.

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