Thursday, July 26, 2012

Never Enough Hours In A Day

Hi!  My workout yesterday was a split, I didn't get up early enough to have time to do both my run and my ChaLean so I ran.  I did 3.5 miles and it felt good, I picked up my pace a little bit (very little) but feel like I am improving.  Yesterday was such a busy day for me and the girls, but it was a lot of fun.  We had swim lessons in the morning and since my mom was in town she was able to come also.  After swim we had to rush Sarah to her preschool camp and then it was my time with Katherine.  I don't have the girls in the same classes anymore because of the connection they share.  It can be hard on the teacher and other students when my girls start tag teaming the me and the director of the preschool decided for the mean time we'll keep them separated.  Since I was able to have that time with Katherine I took her to the library for story time.  I don't normally take both girls to story time because Sarah doesn't really enjoy it and then starts to distract Katherine, so yesterday was a perfect day for it!

Excuse crappy photos...any ideas where I might find that charger...

While we were at the library I finally got myself a library card and proceeded to check out a few books in the subject of Freelance Writing.  Ready to get the ball rolling in that department.

After we picked up Sarah from her camp around 2:30 we went to the new water fountain feature by the Sherwood library to let the girls run around and play.  Ever since birth those girls have loved the water, there's also lots of shade there for me.  Hence why this picture is so far away.

Once we got home it was time to do some chores and then my mom got back from the errands she had to run during the day.  We ended up spending the rest of the afternoon/evening outside around the fire pit making s'mores and visiting.  I knew I had to do my ChaLean workout at some point and finally at 10:15 I put in the DVD and did it.  I NEVER workout at night, especially that late at night but I had told Katie that I would make sure to do it and I didn't want to tell her that I flaked out.  It felt good to get it done and gave me the extra boost of confidence to know that I can do this 90 program and see the results I am looking for.      

This morning it was time to take Grandma back to the train station and say good bye.  I love train stations and Portland's is pretty cool inside.  Wouldn't you like to see some pictures of the inside?  Ya, I forgot my phone in the car, but I was able to take this one of the clock tower.

Well today at some point I will do ChaLean's Intervals and Abs.  From what I've heard in our challenge group and from Katie it sounds like a tough one!  I'm a week behind the group so they've all done this one already...I'm always behind it seems like.  Well I am off to read this bad boy that came in the mail today!  

Who I am kidding, I am off to do laundry and some more chores.  I'll read it tonight, if I stay awake. 

What's your favorite running/fitness magazine?  

Have you ever taken a train somewhere? 
I have a couple times, I always enjoy it!

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