Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best Laid Plans

Good morning!  I got a call from Jess yesterday asking me if I had planned on running the next morning (this morning) I said to him, am I not going to be running?  I guess he had to go into work?  Um...hello, I have a running schedule...where are your priorities?  So I put on my big girl running pants and did my run last night.

I don't really like to run at night for a couple reasons, but mainly because that is our family time and I don't want to be gone the entire evening.  Also the house is destroyed while I am gone and coming home from a run at 8, getting the girls ready for bed and then having to clean up the destruction is just not fun.  Just keeping it real!  It turned out to be a really great run, I did just over 7 miles in an hour and 20 minutes (yes that's a very slow pace) and was only blinded by the sun a couple times.  I found a new route that I really like and will have to try it out again this week.  So lesson from all of that babbling?  God laughs at our best laid plans and my life is a consistent reminder of that.  I am going to do the ChaLean abs workout at some point today since I don't want today to be my full rest day, but like I said, we'll see what actually plays out.

I got my desk cleaned up!  But didn't find my camera charger.  Sad.  I really don't like taking pictures with my phone, I have a camera for a reason, I wanna use it!  Plus my camera phone takes really bad pictures.

We have a busy morning ahead of us with swim lessons and preschool camps!  I thought it was summer time but I guess the sun only comes out when I am running and wants to blind me, I think I need to get a pair of sunglasses to run in.  I heard just a cheap pair from Target would be okay, is that a bad idea?  I don't want to spend much on them because they will fall off of my face and probably be trampled at some point.  

Its only Tuesday, but did anyone else's workout plan this week get tweaked?  

Are you a morning or evening runner?  
-There were so many people out running last night, it was cray cray!

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