Sunday, July 1, 2012

Family Summer Vacation

Hi guys!  Sorry I've been MIA for the last few days, we have been road tripping since Thursday morning and it isn't easy to find the time or opportunity to sit down and write.  First thing I missed a couple days of the 30 day AB challenge, I know I know I am a loser!  We left early Thursday morning to meet my MIL and SIL in Idaho Falls so we could all drive together to the Teton National Park.

I am trying to keep it on track while we are on our little family vacation and luckily Jess is a lover of all things Wendy's and they have some great salads, score!  

We got to Driggs, Idaho pretty late and it was dark so we didn't much of the town.  In the morning in the sunlight its a pretty decent town, I mean it had like 3 coffee shops!  They had a farmer's market going on and even though it felt like it was about 120 degrees outside we walked around and saw what there was to see.  

I bought a fresh baguette and some cheese, but didn't take a picture of it so I guess it didn't really happen, darn it.  We checked out the The Museum of the Tetons which was pretty cool and Jesse's great grandparents have a tile with their name.  The girls thought it was cool to put their feet on it...

We went to Jackson Hole after the museum, which was fun because I've always heard about the town but have never been.  Its really pretty, a total tourist trap, how many different stores can sell the same t-shirt?  30, 30 different stores can sell the same t-shirt is your answer.  Other than the gift shops there were some neat things to see, like these huge arches made from deer antlers.

We had the girls run off some steam at one of the parks and this particular one had 3 different rock climbing walls, Jess was pretty proud of himself for making it all the way to the top, even if he had to knock a few kids out his way...kidding.

We got to see more of the Teton National Park and Yellowstone yesterday, but I'll save that for later!  Gotta get back to the family, since this is a family vacation!  Hope your all having a good weekend!

Has anyone else ever been to the Teton National Park?  Or Yellowstone?  

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