Monday, June 25, 2012

Don't Be All Jelly

Good evening!  So Saturday was our 14 mile run with Portland Fit, we took a different route...I didn't like this route.  I don't like to be a negative Nancy, it really doesn't get you anywhere, but it just wasn't my cup of tea.  To many stop lights, very narrow sidewalks and somebody on top of me the entire run, thanks but no thanks.  Other than those complaints the run itself was actually really good!  I thought I would notice a big jump from 13 to 14 but I didn't really notice much of a difference, talk to me when we get to 18.

Its only Monday but its salad week for me at our house.  We are getting ready for a trip and I am trying to consume all of the produce in our house before we leave.  Since I am the only one here who eats anything from the ground its up to me to make sure it doesn't get wasted!  Tonight's menu: Salad.

Tomorrow: Salad.  Don't be jelly.  

Another update, the 30 Day Ab Challenge...well I have to be honest, I didn't do yesterday. AH I know!  Yesterday was one of those days, I can come up with 10 reasons why I didn't do it but basically it comes down to I just didn't want to, my body was tired and I was tired and I watched Mad Men and it was awesome.  Today was a new day and it only took 15 minutes and I was glad I did it.  These moves are nothing to laugh at, holy cow!  

I know I won't get to 4 days of running this week so I have to make the runs I do get in really count.  We are going to be traveling this week and finding a time and place to run will be challenging, but I am going to get in as many as I can.  Something to remember during all of this marathon training is that family and life is first.  While running is my absolute favorite non-child rearing activity, its also something that is my extra.  It can be really easy to center everything on the marathon but you gotta live your life too, stay focused but don't become a crazy person :)  

Any other pieces of advice for marathon training and keeping it real?

What fun family vacations you have planned?!

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