Monday, June 11, 2012

Target Rewards

Good Afternoon!  Took a trip to Target this afternoon to get a few things, like detangler and shredded cheese, you know the basics.  I rewarded our under 40$ Target trip (will power!) with an iced coffee from S-Bucks, yum!  There is just something about that green straw.  


This also caught my eye as we were loading back into the car


Is that a woody convertible?!  Nice!  

So I am realizing that since I completed my half marathon this weekend that means its officially marathon training season for me and I am a little freaked out!  I have about 16 weeks of training to get ready for my first marathon and I am not going to a lie that I am little apprehensive.  If I hadn't have already signed up I probably would be backing out, isn't that awful?!  I don't know why I am so nervous about it, I am just afraid of not being able to do all that is required.  Luckily I have an awesome running group who has done this sort of training for years and years...I should be OKAY.  

I was reading The Happy Runner's blog this morning and she is currently doing a Marathon Monday tips and so far I have found them to be really helpful.  A friend of hers was sharing some of her tips from her marathon training and she said that it could be really easy to put on weight with the training.  Mainly because a lot of us (totally me!) think that because we logged 15 miles on a Saturday we have a license to eat whatever junk we want.  This just isn't the case, I know I was guilty of that this weekend.  So in order to keep my weight healthy and my training runs successful I will really try and keep the junk at a minimum...this will be no easy task!  

Does anyone else get that feeling of "I can eat whatever I want because I just ran a million miles"?  Please share any good snacks or meal ideas you like to have during your marathon training, would love any ideas! 

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