Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Click it! Or Ticket!

Good afternoon!  I did a soggy and humid 3.75 miles this morning.  We got one day of nice weather yesterday and in true Oregon fashion today was crap.  I've started to mix in podcasts while I run instead of always having music and I now almost only listen to podcasts on my solo runs.  My current favorite is Marathon Training Academy that Katie recommended to me.  Any other running podcasts out there you think I just have to follow?  I am a literal sponge right now when it comes to running and I love to listen to information about running while I am out running...because I am a freak, nuf'said.

When I got home I made sure to stretch!  I have got to start making this more of a priority as soon as I walk in the door.  I always put it to the side and say I'll get around to it, but I know how important stretching is to avoid injury and yet I keep ignoring it.  My reward for getting my stretch on?!  Trying out my sample packet of Click!  I was a little apprehensive and didn't have much hope for it being all the great honestly, I had a feeling it would taste a little like aspartame...and I was WRONG!  It tastes like that International Delight I use to drink as a kid and it is really good, I was pleasantly surprised.

I can see myself buying a tub of this caffeinated goodness in the near future.

So I really do want some recommendations on other running podcasts out there!  

I also have been hounding the Nike+ people like a wounded animal trying to get my Nano situation figured out, turns out its their issue not mine.  Which is good!  But seriously peeps, lets get this fixed ASAP!  Gracias.


  1. I've always wanted to test out a running podcast but never knew what to try... I guess you recommend Marathon Training Academy? TIA!

    1. Yes for sure, my best friend has listened to all of them and is very sad to be finished, lol! I am slowly working my way through them and so far am a big fan! :)


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