Monday, June 11, 2012

Mommy Mondays & This Week's Schedule

Good morning!  Weather update, 77 is the high today, woop woop!  Today is a full off day, I ran a quick and easy (slow) recovery run last night and today will just be some stretching and resting.  I was still on cloud 9 all day yesterday from the half.  Jess wanted to see the course so we loaded up in the Jeep and took the scenic route to the Helvetia Tavern.  I think the actual reason he wanted to go see the course was because he was really jealous I got a Helvetia burger on Saturday and he didn't.  :)  Showing him this picture over and over again probably didn't help matters...

Yuummmmm Soooooo Goooooood! 

Remember last week when I mentioned that potty training would be anything but easy and fun?  Well we accomplished what we thought would be impossible!  Sarah is potty trained!  YES!  Score one for Team Mom.  If I can give one piece of advice for potty training your kids, it is to stay home for a full week, yes a full 7 days.  This will show the kids you are committed and it will give you the chance to be completely focused on them.  Trust me, those 7 days will be a drop in the bucket compared to becoming diaper free FOREVER!  

So proud of my girl! 

So this week is suppose to be a pretty easy week in the running department according to Portland Fit.  I had thought about starting to run with the Tualatin location of Portland Fit this weekend since its only 5 miles from my house as opposed to 20, but they meet on Sundays and this Sunday is Dad's Day!  So I'll start meeting with them next Sunday, hello gas prices, I surrender.  So this week's schedule will just have 4 days of running, I know I had thought about doing 5 as a June goal but I am realizing that may not be entirely realistic.  Going to shoot for 4 because I feel that is a number I could accomplish and we shouldn't set ourselves up for failure.  

M - Off 
T - 35/e 
W - Date with Jilian and my Abs 
Th - 30/Tempo
F - 8 (30x30)
Sa - 9 Miles (PF) 
Su - Off, Dad's Day! 

What are some of your favorite cross training activities?


  1. Swim, Bike (and Run). I did my first sprint triathlon last spring. I commute by bike everyday, a short 7-mile round trip. Not only am I a slow runner but I'm even slower in the water. I started going to a swim conditioning class at the Y twice a week and I've made some improvements. Usually I run 3 times a week and did Yoga on my rest day.

    1. You go get it Geoff! WOW! That is really impressive :)


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